Weight Loss Techniques You Should Stay Away From

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Find out more about the potentially dangerous weight loss methods, best avoided.

Weight Loss Techniques You Should Stay Away From

With the rise in the number of new ways to obtain that flat belly you've always been longing for, there is also a steep rise in the number of potential health hazards these techniques could create if you do them repeatedly.

Here are a few weight loss methods you can easily give a skip while fighting the battle with cellulite.

Extreme dieting and starvation: Crash diets and starvation practices are common fads

Weight Loss Trivia:

 By 2030, 58 percent of the world's population will be overweight or obese.

50 percent  of American women and 25 percent of American men are currently on a diet.

followed by teenagers so as to lose weight quickly. However, following these diets over time can cause more harm than benefits to your body. Starvation increases your susceptibility to metabolic disorders and electrolyte imbalances and most people give up following these diets halfway and tend to put up more weight than before. Skipping meals and totally excluding certain foods groups should be strictly avoided. Remember, the body needs little bit of everything.

Use of supplements: A number of dietary supplements and medicines have come up in the market that make grand promises to cut down the fat in a few days or weeks. The truth is that these pills are nothing but caffeine or diuretics which may cause dehydration if used excessively.

Detox diets: Detoxification is a natural process done by the body on its own by cleansing the system of the waste and useless matter. Your body does it every day and you do not require any special diet to detox your body. Following the detox plans as suggested in magazines and website would disrupt your body's electrolyte balance and cause dehydration. Instead, follow the practice of mindful eating to drop kilos in a safe way.

Use of illegal drugs: Banned, illegal drugs that curb appetite speed up attention deficit disorder and cause severe kidney and heart problems not to mention stress and emotional disturbances.

Using purgatives: Purgatives cleanse the system of unwanted matter and are generally utilized by people suffering from chronic constipation. Not to be used for weight loss in any case, these laxatives may cause reflux of acid in the oesophagus and the mouth, causing erosion of those areas including the enamel of the tooth, finally leading to tooth decay.

Obsessive exercising: Moderate exercise is beneficial to everyone, even to those who do not want to lose weight. But compulsively exercising can cause fatigue and muscle pain along with several other problems. Instead, consult a trainer and find out what exercises would help you lose weight and follow them in moderation.

Tobacco consumption: Consumption of tobacco to suppress the appetite can have disastrous effects on your health. Nicotine increases the risk of respiratory disorders and cancer, thus the side-effects often outweigh the benefits.

Remember, too much of everything is bad and hence, take slow and steady steps to go from fat to flat. Consult a nutritionist for a tailor-made diet plan and exercise in moderation.

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