Exercise Tips For A Flat Stomach

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Exercise Tips For A Flat Stomach

If you too eye people with a flat stomach and wonder how they manage to get that toned look, know for sure that great bodies do not come effortlessly to all.

People world over try various methods to get rid of the increasing fat around the waist line. But with present day lifestyles it is becoming all the more difficult to do so.

There are two approaches to deal with the flabby stomach problem. One is to enhance your body’s metabolism and ensure complete body fitness. The second approach is to focus on the specific area i.e the stomach and muscles surrounding it and work on them.


Flat Stomach Trivia:

  • According to the American Council of Exercise, the bicycle exercise is considered most effective.
  • Avoid stomach exercises every day. Your abdominal muscles too need rest to recover from stress.

While exercise helps to flatten the belly with evident results, having the right kind of food and balanced diet helps keep the fat build up under check, complementing the benefits of exercising. Here are some stomach flattening tips with the right approach to exercising; that have proven to be helpful in gaining the much desired toned look:

Exercise tips:

Know your muscles: you must realize that exercising does not make you lose weight in specific spots only. When you lose weight the whole body loses weight. However, it is possible to tone muscles of specific areas and lose weight simultaneously to get the desired look. For a flat stomach experts advise on toning the abdominal muscles. These are:

  • Transverse abdominus muscles – running horizontal around the torso.
  • Rectus abdominus muscles- running from the rectus to the pubic bone.
  • Internal and external obliques – running along the ribs in directions opposite to each other.

Floor exercises: these work best when it comes to toning a flabby tummy. Here are some of the tried and tested ones:

  • Hip lifts: tummy and hips toner

Lie on your exercise mat. Join your legs and lift them in the air. Let your back press against the floor. Now slowly pull in your stomach and simultaneously try to lift your hips, just like your legs. Remember, while lifting the hips; use your abdominals instead of the legs. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

  • The plank: tones stomach, leg and upper arm muscles.

Take the crawling position, with both your hands and knees touching the floor and your shoulders right over your hands. Slowly straighten out your legs and let your toes touch the floor. Tuck in your tummy and breathe normally for one minute. Repeat this exercise four to five times.

  • The cycling exercise: strengthens calf and thigh muscles and tones the tummy.

Lie flat on your back and bend your knees with feet flat on the floor. Then lift your feet in the air and imagine you are sitting on a bicycle. Start paddling in the air, both feet moving alternately just as one cycles. Feel the pull on your stomach, while breathing normally. Continue for three to five minutes. Repeat three times.

  • Stomach crunches: strengthen flabby abdominals

Lie down flat on the ground and bend your knees. Put your arms behind your neck and support your head. Now slowly lift your body off the floor, stomach upwards only and tilt one shoulder towards the opposite knee, repeat same with the other shoulder too and then get back to original position on the floor. Keep tummy pulled in all the time. Repeat 10-15 times.

Walking: Going for walks too is very important form of exercising as it enhances body metabolism. Ensure you go on a minimum 30 minutes walk twice a week. You can even join an aerobics class or go cycling every alternate day.

Remember there is no short cut to permanent weight loss and a flat stomach. One has to inculcate exercise and diet as major lifestyle changes to get the desired look.

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