Back Pain Can Be Managed - Learn How

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Suffering From Back Pain? Learn Ways To Deal With It

Back Pain Can Be Managed - Learn How

Many of us experience back pain from time to time. Backache not only creates an unwanted discomfort in the body but also restricts the individual from performing daily chores and simple activities like walking, lying down, sitting for long hours etc. To treat your back pain effectively, it is important to identify your symptoms first and then the most possible reasons which might have caused the pain.

Here are some commonly asked questions when suffering from back pain. Know the answers to manage the problem better.

What are the causes of low back ache?
The pain in your back may just begin with a slight muscle spasm, which may progress with time. This is a common sign of over activity, excessive bending, sleeping on hard mattresses, postural faults or any other pathology related to spinal cord. Ageing causes back ache as well due to degeneration of spinal vertebrae and erosion of calcium and other minerals needed to support the vertebral structures. Other factors include active spine infections like tuberculosis, prolapsed disc, spinal cord compression, and neuropathy like sciatica, any external injury to back or long standing debility which makes the patient bed ridden for long time.

  • What are the warning signs of back pain?
  • It can be sharp, shooting or dull in nature.
  • The pain may be localized or diffused.
  • It can worsen with forward bending and sitting.
  • Pain may subside with medications and may aggravate with activity.

How can back pain be managed?
Low back pain can be managed in several ways depending upon the severity of the problem.

Initial administration of medicines plays an important role in easing the excruciating pain and relaxing the stiffened muscles. These include non-steroidal, anti inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, injections and topical ointments. Medicines are given considering the extent of pain, inflammation and patient's discomfort.

Physical therapy
Physical therapy focuses on providing maximum pain relief to the patient with minimal side effects. The modalities like IFT, TENS and ultrasound give a placebo effect, improve blood circulation, release the muscle tension and wipe away the chemical toxins.

Exercise therapy
There are certain exercises which improve muscular strength and also aid in pain relief without causing much discomfort to the patient. These are:
Exercise 1- Lie down on your back with knees bent, place a towel beneath the lower back and try to press it till the count of ten and release.
Exercise 2 - Lie down on the back, knees bent, try to lift the buttocks and relax.
Exercise 3 Bend your one knee and try to bring it towards chest while you are lying down and repeat with other knee.
Exercise 4 Lie down on stomach, lift one leg at a time and relax. Lift your chest up a little while lying down on stomach, count ten and relax.

Does self care work in easing back pain?
Self care goes a long way in easing back pain. You need to take certain precautions on a regular basis to avoid pain in your lower back. Persistent care and some lifestyle changes are bound to make a difference. Some easy self care tips for keeping back ache at bay are:

  • Continue exercises.
  • Weight control
  • Diet program
  • Active routine
  • Lifestyle modifications like avoiding excess bending and twisting the back.
  • Never lift heavy weights.
  • Sleep on firm mattresses.
  • Practice deep breathing and simple yoga postures.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and restrict from wearing heels.
  • Always take frequent breaks when you are in one particular position for long time whether sitting or standing.


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