Top Four Tips To Loose Your Love Handles

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Top Four Tips To Loose Your Love Handles

Are your love handles weighing on your mind? Do you think love handles are very difficult to get rid of? Well, read on to find the top four tips to help you shed those kilos from your waist and don that toned look you so desire.

Love handles can be very frustrating simply because they are not easy to get rid of. However, they cease to be so frustrating if you know which strings to pull and which threads to tweak. The fastest way to lose them is to adopt a combination of effective exercise regime and diet, none of which is difficult to follow.

It  helps to understand that  love handles are the direct consequence of two factors - overweight and energy imbalance. Excessive weight causes the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen to spill over and form love handles. This usually happens when calories expended are lower than calories consumed. Based on the importance of this fact here are the four simple diet and fitness tips to help you trim the fat around your waste and do away with the bulging love handles.

Love Handles Trivia

Love handles are health indicators. The bigger they are; the unhealthier are you.

Excess abdominal fat increases resistance to insulin, which can lead to Type II diabetes

Tip # 1 - Diet to lose love handles

In order to tone the loose fat around your waist and belly quickly; you need to regulate your diet so as to reduce consumption of foods high in starch, sugars and carbohydrate content. Increasing protein intake helps in reducing love handles because proteins need to undergo a lengthier process of metabolism to turn into fats. In fact, body expends more energy when digesting proteins. Also remember to drink lots of water every day.

Tip # 2 - Avoid foods that cause water retention

Water retention is another factor that leads to love handles. The body appears bloated and love handles seem more exaggerated. In this regard, you need to cut down on four kinds of foods – salts, low fiber, alcohol and starch; since they are mainly responsible for water retention. Also, water retention interferes with metabolic function, thus forming a hurdle in weight loss. Conversely, loss of love handles reduces water retention in the body.

Tip # 3 - Exercise consistently

Consistency during working out is the most important aspect of losing love handles. Since these melt slowly, you need to keep the pressure on until the subcutaneous fat budges. For quick loss of love handles, your exercise regime needs to focus on them every day. However, you should perform high intensity and low intensity abdominal exercises on alternate days.

Tip # 4 - Cardio and full body workout

Comprehensive high intensity cardio exercises are crucial to get rid of love handles quickly. Boot camp regimes are always very effective. Alternatively, you can perform interval training, play rigorous sports, cycling, rowing, sit ups and aerobics for loss of love handles. core strengthening exercises are also important to keep love handles from resurfacing.

Besides losing love handles, it is important that you continue workout and have healthy, nutritious and timely meals in order to maintain optimum health and avoid abdominal fat. Maintaining a flat abdomen is not just for good looks; it is very important to keep up good health in the long run. So, tie up your laces and get going. Love handles will soon be things of the past.

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