Simple Yet Effective Endurance Exercises For Strength

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Simple Yet Effective Endurance Exercises For Strength

Endurance exercises are necessary in order to increase lean muscle mass, muscular resistance and general physical strength.

Endurance exercises help in developing overall strength of the body. These are specific exercises that are meant for specific parts of the body for developing endurance. Beginning with the wrist and arms, you can go on to exercise your trunk, core abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, back and legs. However, you need to take care not to exercise the same body part on consecutive days because your body needs time to recover from the stress of the workout. Endurance exercises are usually low intensity exercises and often, you need to use weights. For best results, begin with small weights and increase as you get comfortable.

Read on below for certain simple yet effective endurance exercises

Exercise for arms

Exercise Trivia

Endurance exercises are very effective in healthy weight loss as they convert fat into muscles more quickly

Endurance exercises are effective in increasing sperm count in men and keeping reproductive system healthy in women.

You can also use the 2 litre cold drink bottles filled with water instead of weights.

Wrists: For the wrists, place your arms on a chair such that the hand is over the free edge. Bend your wrists slowly in an up and down motion. Perform the same exercise with the other wrist too.
Upper arm muscles: Maintain a standing position with legs shoulder length apart. Hold weights and lift them towards your chest. Elbows should be fixed to your sides. For the shoulders, hold weights to the side and lift arms such that they are horizontal with the ground and in line with the shoulders. Gradually lower down.
Bicep and tri-cep muscles: Lift weights over your head, bend elbows and bring weights down towards shoulders behind your head. You can either do it with both the hands together or alternatively.

Exercises for the back, neck and shoulders

Exercise for the back, neck and shoulders are preformed in the sitting position. A resistance band is used for the exercise. The center of the resistance band should be placed under the feet and ends should be held with inward facing palms. Shoulders should be relaxed and arms straight down. As you breathe out, pull your elbows up so that they are horizontal with the ground. Hold for a second and return to starting position.

Exercises for the lower body

Buttocks: Hold on to a chair and lift one of the legs backwards without bending knee. Bend the standing leg to take pressure off the knee joint. Bring the leg back down and repeat with the other leg.
Thighs: For the back of the thighs, extend the buttocks exercise by bending the lifted leg towards the buttocks. You can also strengthen the thighs by sitting on a chair and extending your leg in front of you. Gradually, lift the leg higher such that it makes an angle with the floor. You can use a towel for support. Calves and ankles: stand with a chair for support. Lift yourself up on the toes as high as you can and gradually lower down.

Begin with a single set of ten repetitions for all exercises and gradually increase to three sets. In any exercise using weights, you should always take care not to let the pressure fall on bone joints. The pressure of weights should only be felt on the muscles. Also, pay attention to breathing. It should be even and rhythmic. You should breathe in as you ease pressure and exhale as your body takes pressure. Your body movements should be smooth and you should not jerk up weights while lifting.

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