Everyday Neck Strengthening Exercises

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Everyday Neck Strengthening Exercises

With today's hectic lifestyle almost everyone is bound to be suffering from pain, soreness or stiffness in the neck. But you really don't need to get into extensive medical treatments to cure such neck ailments. A regular neck workout is all you require to address most of these symptoms.

Chronic neck pain if untreated can make even your simplest daily activities painful. It could further lead to shoulder blade pain, back pain and headaches. Regular neck exercises not only help cure neck stiffness and pain; but also help one attain a better neck posture, increase neck flexibility and even help reduce sagging of skin in the neck area.

Neck workout can be done anywhere and anytime. However, it must be done with utmost care and one must remember to use smooth controlled motions at all times.

Here is a set of neck exercises meant especially to build strong and flexible neck muscles, providing relief from stress and stiffness in neck. Five to ten repetitions of each of these exercises, two to three times a day; work very well.

Neck Pain Trivia

Nine out of ten people can expect to get back or neck pain at some stage in their lives.

15 percent people world over suffer from neck pain.

Exercises are an important part of the treatment of neck pain. Almost all doctors advise exercises as a part of neck pain recovery programs.

Tilt from front to back: Tilt your head backwards slowly as far as you can. Hold the posture for a moment and then return slowly to front position. Repeat two to five times as per your comfort level.

Tilt from side to side: Tilt your head to one side (not so far that you tend to touch your ear to your shoulder). Hold the posture for a moment and then return slowly to center position. Move your head to the opposite shoulder and then again return to center position.

Rotate head from side to side: Slowly turn your head as far as you can to the right. Hold posture for a moment. Return head to center position. Now rotate head to the left in the same manner.

Side Resistance: Hold your right palm against the right side of your head. Now try and touch your right shoulder with your ear and use your hand to resist the same movement. Hold this posture for five seconds. Relax and repeat for the opposite side.

Forward Resistance: Hold both your hands against your head from the front. Now try and move your head forward and resist the movement with your hands at the same time. Hold this posture for five seconds and then relax.

Backward Resistance: Place both your hands behind your head. Now try moving your head backwards while resisting the movement with your hands. Hold this posture for five seconds and then relax.

Though these exercises will positively offer relief to people suffering from neck discomfort, nonetheless if you have a severe neck ailment you must exercise only under the guidance of your health care provider.

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