High Protein Diet Plans For Good Physique

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High Protein Diet Plans For Good Physique

According to research a high protein diet helps one to control appetite and calorie intake. Diets rich in proteins and moderate in carbohydrates along with regular exercise are recommended by experts to reduce blood fats and maintain lean tissue without resorting to dieting.

Role of proteins in weight loss

Protein diet Trivia:

A person loses 4 to 6 pound within the first 2 weeks of a high protein low carb diet.

An intake of 120 grams of proteins per day is advised in order to get the potential weight loss benefit.

The intake of high quality protein influences the metabolic rate, hence leading to weight loss. When quality protein intake is increased over and above what is required for nitrogen balance; amino acids like leucine are metabolised, which directly benefits muscle function and health, including enhanced calorie burning of muscle and healthy weight loss.

Leucine prevents muscle loss which further leads to weight loss. In a high protein diet the weight that is lost is basically fat and not muscle.To increase the quantity of leucine one should eat a lot of whey protein.

A high protein, low carb, quick weight loss diet plan, reduces hunger pangs which initially contribute to weight gain.

It has a natural diuretic effect. People who have excess weight are often sluggish and hold excess water. When you eat a high protein diet, an important blood protein called albumin increases. Albumin helps you to get rid of fluid retention by drawing water back from your connective tissues.

A high protein breakfast is very effective for weight reduction. It increases your metabolic rate by 30% for 12 hours which further leads to calorie burning equivalent to a five mile jog. A diet, high in protein increases your natural ability to burn fat at a faster rate.

A diet, rich in proteins boosts HDL cholesterol formation while lowering triglycerides. A good amount of HDL cholesterol helps in weight management and improves your lipid profile.

Proteins recommended for weight loss

  • Milk , cheese and yoghurt are excellent sources of proteins. Choose skim or low fat dairy for effective weight loss.
  • Eggs : These are rich in protein and are advised at breakfast for effective weight loss.
  • Beans : Half a cup of beans contains protein equivalent to an ounce of steak.
  • Soy : Fifty grams of soy protein daily can help lower cholesterol by about 3%. Eating soy protein instead of proteins high in fat along with a healthy diet can help you lose weight and is heart healthy.
  • Meat: Pork tenderloin and lean beef are good sources of protein and effective for weight loss. However, only a small quantity of meat is recommended in a particular meal.
  • Protein on the go: Grab a meal replacement energy bar or drink. Be sure that it contains at least 6 grams of protein and should be low in sugar and fat.
  • Grains: Whole grain bread, brown rice and cereals such as porridge and oatmeal are rich in protein and fiber and low in fat.
  • Protein shakes : These shakes are good for weight loss and are used as a meal replacement. A shake usually replaces 2 meals a day.

However it is better to consult a dietician or a nutritional counselor before going in for a high protein diet on a regular basis.

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