Be nutrition Savvy And Spruce Up Your Food Chart

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Be nutrition Savvy And Spruce Up Your Food Chart

Living a fast paced life with a busy career, loads of friends, growing kids; often has us compromising on the most important yet easily ignored aspect of our life – our daily nutritional requirement.

Living a fast paced life with a busy career, loads of friends, growing kids; often has us compromising on the most important yet easily ignored aspect of our life – our daily nutritional requirement.

Most of us today, are hard pressed for time. Our routines allow very little time for extravagant cooking routines. It is therefore, very important that we make wise food choices. The aim here is to come up with a nutrition savvy diet plan; keeping in mind a food chart that blocks out all nutritional imbalances and covers up the lack of time as well. 

Here’s a peek into some healthful and helpful nutrition tips to spruce up your food chart:

Being organized:

When short on time, unplanned meals always end up in short cut solutions; instantly killing the urge to be innovative or detailed in our cooking efforts. Easy to cook, packaged or ready to serve meals take priority over fresh food and that’s where we blunder.

  • Before your hectic week starts, plan your food chart ahead of time. Make a day wise menu. You need not be elaborate, but lay stress on home cooked and fresh meals.
  • Use the weekend to shop for food supplies required during the week.
  • While you shop read the nutrition facts label and choose wisely.
  • At home, prepare ahead. Boil some potatoes and peas and refrigerate them. Chop your veggies as per the menu and freeze them.
  • Stock up on eggs, yogurt, milk, fruits and meat for the whole week. Arrange them as per the combinations you plan to use them in.
  • Cut the onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes in different ways for at least two meals ahead and store them in air tight containers to refrigerate.

  Making the food healthy and interesting:

 What you must never forget is that healthy food too can be tasty. Challenge yourself to look for easy yet tasty recipes. Exchange notes with friends, search the internet and over time you never know, you might develop a new hobby!

  • Read the recommended nutritional requirements for each member of the family as per the age group and keep that in mind while making your chart and shopping.
  • Ensure at least one meal of the day has one serving of meat, eggs, chicken, fish or cottage cheese for the whole family.
  • Lay stress on fiber rich foods like wheat bread, cereal, rice, wheat pasta etc.
  • Include one serving of veggies and accompany with salad.
  • Finish the meal with a helping of fruit, milk or yogurt based puddings.
  • Ensure each member of the family is getting his or her daily glass of milk in any form.
  • Use your microwave more than just to heat food. Try out those fast cook menus at least once.
  • Kids love fancy foods. Even if you do not have time to garnish each time, keep a collection of attractive straws, tumblers, plates and cutlery to add that extra zing to the food. Look up kid’s special tiffin time recipes; quick and delicious to make and nutritional too.

Make some positive lifestyle changes:

Moving on in life with a positive attitude makes all the difference. We all have our share of problems but, remaining focused and slipping into a state of hopelessness is what makes the big difference. Here are some important lifestyle choices you can make to support your decision of going nutrition savvy:

Setting realistic targets: In the first week do not go overboard and plan extravagant menus. Keep it simple and easy. Plan what you are most comfortable cooking. Just focus on nutrition only and nothing else initially. Go into details slowly.

Be patient and flexible: everyone accepts change slowly. Be patient with your family as you make the switch. They might oppose the idea initially but your efforts will see through eventually. Do not get discouraged by the long faces and then, treat them to their favourite take away once in a while.

Choose wisely when eating out: being nutrition savvy does not mean you loose out on that occasional luxury of eating out. You can always choose wisely here too. Its best to plan these visits too and regulate them to once a week.

Make sensible replacements: if you love that cheese you can always opt for a low fat one. Your hubby’s sweet tooth need not crave always, switch to sugar free versions of sweeteners. Do not give up on that glass of milk just because it’s full cream; get yourself a full toned packet and there you go!

Eat smaller portions: making wise food choices does not mean you cannot indulge. If your favorite food is loading you with calories, you can always opt for a smaller portion. It’s better than giving it all up.

Increase your physical activity: indulging in any kind of physical activity enhances body metabolism and helps increase digestion, burns calories and keeps you fit. Snatch every chance to burn those extra calories even if it means climbing the stairs to your office. Deep breathe or meditate often and stay calm.

While all this might seem impossible or too far-fetched in the beginning, once you become more experienced and practiced many things would come naturally to you. So bring out those aprons and let’s spruce up the family food chart!

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