Banana Goodness For Your Health; Go Bananas!

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Banana Goodness For Your Health; Go Bananas!


We all know bananas are the most common, easily available, and above all, the most nutritious fruit. However, few of us are aware of their ability to cure an array of ailments displaying a multitude of health benefits many of which one would never have even imagined

The reason why we physicians swear by banana benefits and nutritionists insist that you add them to your daily diet, is clear by what you are about to read. Take a look:

Great Source of energy: Bananas contain three naturally occurring sugars – glucose, sucrose and fructose. They are also a rich source of fibre and hence, are advised when someone is in need of an instant and lasting energy.

Mood enhancers: Bananas can boost your mood and relieve depression in a jiffy, as they contain tryptophan, a protein which is a natural mood enhancer which helps to relax your mind and make you feel happy. Bananas are therefore good for women experiencing  pre menstrual symptoms PMS as they are also rich in vitamin B6 which again affects the mood positively.

Haemoglobin stimulators: Bananas are good for people with anemia as they are rich in iron content. Iron stimulates production of haemoglobin.

Reduces risk of high blood pressure: being very high in potassium and low in salt, it helps regulate your blood pressure and thus, reduces risk of stroke as well.

Brain power enhancers: The high potassium content in bananas is also responsible for building brain power and enhancing the learning abilities by increasing alertness.

Cramp relievers: The high levels of potassium in bananas also makes them a good relief for menstrual or muscle cramps.

Constipation remedy: Bananas normalise bowel action due to the high fibre content and are proven to be effective both for diarrohea as well as constipation.

Hangover remedy: If you have a bad case of hangover from partying the previous night, just take a glass of banana milkshake, replacing the sugar with honey and see it working wonders. Not only will this help soothe your nerves and stomach; you'll also have a re-hydrated system with replenished blood sugar levels.

Heartburn and ulcer soothers: With its natural antacid properties nothing soothes heartburn like a banana. It is also a natural cure for ulcers and intestinal disorders.

Morning sickness remedy: If you are pregnant bananas can be your best friends. For not only will you benefit from the iron; a mid meal banana snacking will also keep morning sickness at bay.

Aids during nicotine withdrawal: People trying to quit smoking can benefit from bananas as the vitamins B6, B12 and potassium help the body in recovering from symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Soothes mosquito bites: rubbing a banana peel on insect and mosquito bitten areas, helps sooth the swelling, irritation, burning sensation and redness.

Cures warts: Banana peels work as very effective daily wraps for curing warts. The effects are evident within a week or two.

With so many health benefits it must be evident to you why going bananas over this wonder fruit is just inevitable!

Dr. Swati SakhreThis article has been contributed by Dr. Swati Sakhre. Dr. Swati is a practicing homeopath, who holds her degree in B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Hoemopathic Medicine and Surgery). You can  put across a query for Dr. Swati through our "Ask The Tzars"  Section or contact her for consultation at the following mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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