Fab Make-up Tips To Jazz You Up In Minutes

on Tuesday, 07 February 2012. Posted in Skincare, Beauty and Skincare Written By: Shruti Gaddam

Fab Make-up Tips To Jazz You Up In Minutes

Makeup adds tint, color and glamour to a face. However, makeup works best when it is only meant as an enhancement for the natural beauty of every woman. Learning some fun and fab makeup tips to jazz up the face has never done a woman any harm! So here are some quick make-up tips, to up your wow factor in a jiffy.


Foundation or face primer is the most important part of makeup because it prepares your face for the additional layers that you apply. It also helps the makeup to set in and remain for long. The color of foundation should always be a slight shade lighter than your natural skin tone, to help bring out your natural tone to the hilt. Apply foundation in quick rounded strokes to allow it to spread uniformly. If you have dark circles or patchy skin, cover it up with a concealer or a foundation cream.

After application, wait for a couple of minutes, spray water on the face and dab with sponge so that all the extra foundation comes off. For evening parties, you can try a slightly bronzed or a gold based primer for good effects. Make it a point to use mineral or organic foundation so that your skin is not damaged.

Makeup Trivia

Never apply ice on the face prior to applying makeup. Ice temporarily closes pores but causes the makeup to appear blotched within a short while.

Makeup never works well if your eyebrows are not neatly shaped. If you are not used to getting eyebrows shaped, use a black or brown eye shadow to outline and highlight a neat shape.


Powder should be lightly brushed to prevent unevenness of blush and eye shadow. White powder is the best suited for all face tones. However, if you are going in for a bronzed look, you need to use a powder with light gold or bronze dust to bring on the shine.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup consists of four things – mascara, eye liner, kohl and eye shadow. Eye shadow is the first step. It looks best when you blend two colors with the darker color at the ends of the lid and lighter color in the center. Blend in the colors such that they melt into one another. You can follow up with mascara to lengthen and curl your eyelashes; eyeliner that borders the eyelash and finally kohl for accentuating the look.

Eyes are the most prominent part of the face. Your makeup looks best when the eyes are well done. So, pay a lot of attention to eye makeup.

Lipstick and blush

When applying blush, focus on the cheek bones and ignore the cheek hollows. Apply using upward stokes, moving the brush from cheeks under the eyes towards the temples. Natural shades and pinks are best suited for blush.

Lipstick is something that you can experiment with. Choose the color depending upon the place, your dress, time and occasion. Always give an outline to the lips and fill in using a lip brush for neat and even tone. Do not forget to apply foundation on the lips before applying lipstick so that it stays longer.

Every face has to be made up differently. What works for your friend might not work for you because every beauty is different. So, understand your face and pamper it accordingly.

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