A Comprehensive Monsoon Care Guide

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Monsoons can be tough on your hair, skin and body. Here is a comprehensive monsoon care guide.

A Comprehensive Monsoon Care Guide

When the earth becomes fragrant with the sweet smell of wet mud, temperatures drop after a scorching summer and the surroundings seem washed and fresh, you know that monsoon has arrived. New plants begin to grow and flowers begin to blossom. Monsoons have always been associated with new life. However, when it comes to your skin and hair, monsoon seems much less attractive unless you know how to take care of yourself. Here is a comprehensive monsoon care guide, to look and feel your best through the rainy season.

Monsoon care for the hair

Your hair suffers the most during monsoons. Since humidity in the air is high, hair becomes sticky, fuzzy and loses its bounce. Also, high pollutant levels in the air make rain water slightly acidic. When this acidic rain comes in touch with the hair, it creates havoc. Common hair problems during monsoons are - sweat accumulation, hair fall, dandruff and dullness. Here are some important and simple hair care tips.

  • Carry a waterproof cap at all times. Keeping your hair protected against the acidic water can prevent a lot of damage.
  • Switch to herbal shampoos and conditioners because chemical hair care products can exaggerate the damage.
  • Warm oil massage is essential; however, avoid keeping the oil for too long. Excessive oiliness attracts dust and grime, leading to scalp infections and dandruff.
  • Do not tie your hair tightly during rains as it may trap moisture, causing hair fall and dandruff.
  • Use only wide toothed comb to brush your hair. Close toothed combs cause breakage because the hair tends to be damp and sticky. Avoid combing wet hair
  • If your hair gets wet, wash with a mild herbal shampoo as soon as possible
  • Wash at least twice a week to keep the scalp clean and prevent infections
  • Hair packs: Apply hair cleansing and nourishing packs made with hung curd, paste of fenugreek seeds, one whole egg and a few drops of lemon juice. This reinstates shine and bounce.

Monsoon skin care tips

Skin suffers almost as much as the hair. The level of waterborne and airborne microbes is very high during rains; thus, causing common skin problems such as pimples, eruptions, skin infections, dehydration and dullness if proper care is not exercised. Given below are simple tips for skin care:

  • Skin should be kept clean at all times. Use a deep cleanser before going to bed
  • Use a good anti bacterial toner to dislodge microbes hidden in the skin
  • Sunscreen is mandatory, even if the sun is hidden behind clouds
  • Although your skin does not feel dry, moisturizing is of prime importance. The season dehydrates the skin, which makes skin dull if not dry
  • Use only waterproof makeup, for obvious reasons. Also, makeup should not be oil based. Apply moisturizer instead of liquid foundation
  • Skin on the feet is grossly affected during monsoons. The dampness can lead to fungal infections such as ringworm between the toes. Ensure that your legs and feet are always clean and dry. Apply glycerine on your feet before going to bed to avoid cracking
  • Use hot water for bathing and washing

Besides these external ways to take care of your skin and hair, it is very important to eat foods rich in vitamins and increase fluid intake because the season can dehydrate the body. Reduce meats and increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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