Top 10 Botox Facts Explained

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Top 10 Botox Facts Explained

From being a toxic substance by nature to becoming the very core of the world's fast expanding, multi-billion dollar, cosmetic procedures industry; Botox has come a long way. It however, leaves behind a trail of myths and misconceptions that need to be straightened out with facts, most sought after!

It is surprising that being the very epicenter of the cosmetic procedures industry, Botox remains a mystery for many. Botulinum toxin or Botox, manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories, is actually a purified protein. Its main function is to stop nerve signals from reaching the muscles; thereby, preventing the muscles from contracting.

Here are some Botox facts you must know:

Fact 1: Botox is a poison:

Botox is a very strong neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is capable of causing generalized muscle paralysis or botulism, leading to death. Botulism is caused by eating uncooked or poorly cooked meat. Medically, we use the lab prepared, purified form of Botox and that too in minute quantities.

Botox Trivia:

Botox was medically used for the first time in 1980 in America to treat misaligned eyes.

The global market for cosmetic procedures is almost worth £2.3 billion.

Botox is by far the most common of all non-surgical procedures globally.

With over 1800 published studies on it, Botox is one of the best researched subjects.

Contrary to misconceptions, Botox has still not been proven to treat sagging breasts effectively.

Fact 2: Botox is an effective anti-aging treatment:

Botox is not only the most effective but also the most preferred anti-aging treatment; because, it works best on wrinkles and fine lines. Botox when injected into the face works by decreasing the creasing of the skin. This helps the natural repair mechanism of the skin to fill up the creases and deep lines caused due to the wrinkling. It is injected in small quantities in the relevant muscles and muscle groups, to get the desired results.

Fact 3: Botox procedures are non-invasive:

Getting a Botox treatment done involves no surgery at all. People can have multiple Botox procedures done and can also have Botox injected at multiple places in a single sitting. There is no recovery time involved as recovery is immediate.

Fact 4: Botox has localized effects:

This treatment targets specific muscles only and therefore, Botox can not spread to the rest of the face if injected properly. The effects of one treatment may even last for up to eight months depending upon the area of injection. The full effect of the treatment may take a day or two before getting evident.

 Fact 5: Botox may produce an expressionless face:

It is possible that after a Botox treatment to the face, the person looses the ability to give any expressions. This happens only when the treatment is performed inappropriately and more than recommended dosage of Botox is injected. Good cosmetologists prefer to inject small quantities to maintain an expression on the face, giving a natural look, even after treatment.

Fact 6: Botox effects wear off with time:

This is not a permanent anti-aging solution as the effects of this injection wear off with time and the muscles return to their original condition and lines appear again. It is for this reason that people opt for repeated treatments after every three to four months. However, since these treatments are much less costlier as compared to beauty surgeries, they are quite popular.

Fact 7: Botox may have side effects:

It is possible for Botox treatments to have side effects, if injected incorrectly. People have often had to face droopy eye lids, headaches, flu like symptoms or nausea after the procedure. However, these are all short term effects and get better with time.

Fact 8: Botox can treat many other ailments:

Very little is heard of the multiple uses of this substance ranging from being an effective cure for migraine and misaligned eyes, to its effectiveness in treating eye ticks. Apart from being a world renowned cosmetic treatment Botox helps to cure writer's cramps, head and neck tremors, hyperhydrosis and facial spasms too. It is also being tested as a treatment for neck and back pain.

Fact 9: Botox does not treat sagging breasts:

Contrary to popular belief world over, it has still not been proven if Botox actually can make any difference to the appearance or fullness of breasts. It has not been proven to be an effective remedy for sagging breasts, so far.

Fact 10: Botox is not the only anti-aging treatment:

There are several other anti-aging treatments and remedies available today, the best being a healthy lifestyle together with a healthy diet, good sunscreen and a well hydrated skin.

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