The Art Of Applying Nail Paint

on Sunday, 18 December 2011. Posted in Beauty Treatments, Beauty and Skincare Written By: Anupam

The Art Of Applying Nail Paint

What if we told you that what you consider the most tedious part of your beauty regime; we call it an art; will you believe us? Well, after the tips we'll share with you, you're bound to share our views! For once we are done; no longer will that nail paint chip off within seconds and no longer will you postpone this very important beauty ritual.

We all know that our hands are a big reflection of our personality. Unkempt hands and nails reflect a careless and equally unkempt personality. And yet, painting our nails is something we keep postponing till the last minute and often have let it be.

However, the real reason why women avoid painting nails sooner is the fear that it'll wear off, fade or chip off within minutes of application, only to make those hands look even worse.

So here are some quick tips to help you make that nail paint stay longer and learn why we call it an art:

Wash away the oil: Remember that our nails have a thin coat of natural oil on them, which in a way prevents the nail paint to spread evenly on them. So every time you want to polish your nails, begin by dipping your hands in a soapy solution of warm water. You may also try cleaning your nails with an astringent dipped cotton ball or maybe rub a piece of lemon on your nails before washing them with warm water. Lemon also helps do away with the paleness of nails.

Dry hands well: Before you apply the nail polish, make sure there is no moisture left on your nails. Dry them well.

Applying the coats: Always apply thin coats of nail paint, as thick coats chip off easily. It is best to apply the first two strokes on the sides and then cover the centre of the nail. This way, your paint will appear more even on the nails. Also, start applying from the base of the nail just where the skin ends and glide right to the tip, without stopping in between. Half or broken strokes do not give a nice finish. Remember, you must apply a base coat and then a coat of paint again, before sealing it with a top coat of either clear shine or the same shade of nail enamel.

Drying the nail paint: Wait for each coat to dry before you apply the next one. This will prevent the nail enamel from getting smudgy, sticky or uneven on your nails. It is best to allow the coats to dry naturally rather than using a blow dryer or blower. Once the top coat dries, dip your hands in a bowl of cold water; it works like a sealant for the enamel.

Some extra tips:

  • Wear gloves while doing the laundry or utensils.
  • Always file your nails well.
  • Never apply nail paint unless the previous one has been completely removed.
  • For applying the nail paint choose a time when you are free and no disturbance is likely.

So try these nail painting tips next time and enjoy the compliments; after all; when it is artfully done appreciation follows!

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