Laser Hair Removal Procedure; Facts You Must Know

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Laser Hair Removal Procedure; Facts You Must Know

If short term hair removing methods are leaving you hassled every time, you need to know more about laser hair removal procedure and see if this long term option works better for you.

Laser hair removal is a relatively permanent solution for removal of unwanted hair from the body both for the purpose of beauty and hygiene. In this method a laser is used to remove all unwanted hair from their roots by damaging the hair follicles; thus, delaying further growth of hair in that area as well.

For this treatment to be successful, it is vital that the hair be removed while they are still in the growth phase. Since growth of hair all over a body part is never uniform, especially when they have been removed before; it takes several sittings before complete hair removal is achieved.

Laser Therapy Trivia:

It is used more by women as compared to men.

This treatment helps reduce hair by 20 to 90 percent during the course of treatment.

Usually the procedure lasts for six to eight treatments.

Laser hair removal is a long and tedious process, one that often tests your patience to a great extent. Many factors play a vital role in ensuring satisfying results. These are:

Choosing the right technician:
This is the most important step in the whole procedure. When choosing a technician, ensure, you are with someone well qualified and experienced to do the job. Many plastic surgery hospitals, dermatological practitioners and independent beauty clinics offer laser hair removal services. You need to survey for best reputation, experience, quality of service and rates too before making your pick.

The next step is consultation. This step is vital to determining your eligibility for the procedure and a rough estimate of the time involved if you can go ahead with it. In the consultation phase, your specialist will give you a hair and skin analysis, to determine your fitness for the procedure.
People with a darker skin tone or blonde hair are usually considered unfit for the treatment. Lighter hair does not have enough melanin content for effective laser work and darker skin tones have too much melanin, threatening extensive skin damage if subjected to the same.

This is the most patience testing phase of the procedure, as you have to wait for the hair to grow to the right level for the treatment to be most effective. This is the stage when you can neither remove nor shave your hair and therefore, is also a phase of extreme restrictions in terms of dressing and often lifestyle. Also, there is no fixed period attached to the duration of this stage as each individual has different hair growth rate.

Determining the number of sessions:
This phase too varies from person to person as the number of laser sessions will continue till the time the hair completely stop growing from the roots. This phase too depends upon the growth rate of hair in an individual and thus, may get very lengthy for many individuals.

It is due to the many uncertainties involved and the long duration of the procedure that people are often counseled to make up their mind before opting for laser hair removal. Also, since this is an almost permanent solution and has relatively high costs involved persisting, it is best to be mentally well prepared before you take the final plunge!

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