Cosmetic Treatments To Combat Ageing Skin

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Find out more about the best cosmetic anti-ageing treatments.

Cosmetic Treatments To Combat Ageing Skin

Ageing is irrevocable and so are its visible side-effects on your skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots are all the signs that develop as a person ages and moves closer to the 40-50s. However, some treatments, lifestyle changes, and therapies may slower down the process and visible effects of ageing.

With the boom in the cosmetic surgery industry, many people are turning to using these treatments to obtain their desired effects and to banish those beauty bummers that develop with age.

Here are some treatments used by millions of people (especially women) world-wide use to beat ageing:

Beauty Trivia:

Total laser resurfacing procedures done in the year 2009 were 434,830

13.8 Million Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the year 2011

Laser resurfacing/Photorejuvenation: Photorejuvenation works by concentrating intense pulsed light on the skin or uses chemical or thermal methods to correct the wrinkles on the skin, thus giving the skin and face an overall younger appearance. The skin is allowed to regenerate and create new cells by application of controlled wounds on the skin. Liposuction to reduce excess fat may be followed by laser resurfacing as the liposuction tends to create wrinkles on the skin that may be effectively corrected by breaking down the molecular bonds by the laser beam.

Cosmetic fillers: Used for lip enhancement and to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles, fillers such as Restylane enhance the texture of the skin by promoting elasticity and adding volume in the cheeks and lips. Contouring of the chin and nose is also done by the use of cosmetic fillers. Following the treatment, the recovery may take up to 2-3 days but may vary from person to person.

Facelift surgery: With age, the skin tends to become loose and loses its elasticity. This can be corrected by facelift surgery. However, other treatments may be used along with this surgery to obtain optimum results. An incision is made above the hairline and the skin is lifted of the underlying tissues and carried as far off as necessary so as to give a firmer appearance to the skin. However, excessive bleeding is a minor dent in this treatment. The bottom line is, consult a dermatologist to know what treatment is best suited for your condition and skin type to achieve maximum results.

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