Cosmetic Surgery – Important Considerations

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Going under the knife? Know more about cosmetic procedures before deciding

Cosmetic Surgery – Important Considerations

Cosmetic surgery is more in vogue now than it was a few years back. Now that people are more conscious about their looks and are more certain about the safety of cosmetic surgeries, they are not hesitant about choosing to go under the knife to get perfect features. Nevertheless, every surgery has aspects that need to be considered.

Here are certain things to be considered before opting for cosmetic surgery

Be sure in your mind

In many cases, people tend to opt for cosmetic surgery even though they do not really need one. Defects such as fine lines, wrinkles, love handles, excess fat and scars on the face, can be taken care of even without a surgery. Cosmetics, exercises, herbal remedies, natural cures and nutritious food can take care of most of these problems. So, be sure you opt for a surgery only when your problem is beyond repair using other options.

Understand your reasons

Cosmetic Surgery Trivia

Earliest known nose reconstruction surgeries took place in 600 BC in India. Skin was cut, fixed over herbal leaves and stitched on the face. Twigs supported nostrils.

91% of cosmetic surgery patients in the world are women.

Sometimes, dissatisfaction in life stems more from psychological aspects and less from physical reasons. A person, who is mentally healthy, feels more confident and enjoys a positive body image as well. Often giving up things such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and too much caffeine, helps calm the mind. Adopting meditation and keep yourself physically and mentally healthy goes a long way in boosting confidence. When you are happy from within, you tend to be satisfied with the way you look as well.

Be aware and prepared

Before going in for a cosmetic surgery, make sure that you are aware of what you are exactly looking for.

  • When you consult a doctor, explain in detail what you want.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations since they lead to dissatisfaction after the surgery.
  • Ask the doctor what is possible and what is not.
  • Have a clear idea of what you are going to look like after the surgery is done. You can view computer generated models that show post surgery pictures.
  • Prepare yourself for the surgery and its aftermath in a much better manner.

Clarify all doubts

Before undergoing surgery, make sure that you know what you are undergoing. Ask details about the procedure,

  • the likely duration of surgery,
  • any side effects that you might have,
  • duration through which side effects might last,
  • risk of infections,
  • recovery period,
  • care to be taken during recovery
  • steps to be taken to aid healing process.
  • clarify about anaesthesia.

Consider risks

If you are going in for an implant, make sure that you know details about success rate of the surgery and what you should do if the implant fails. Some kinds of cosmetic surgeries require multiple sessions. So, make sure you ask about it.

Payment for the surgery

Medical insurance policies do not cover costs of cosmetic surgery in most of the cases. If the surgery is for medical reasons, you might get some help from your policy. You also need to save some money for further treatments in case you face untoward after effects.

Know what you are getting into. It is always good to be forearmed and forewarned rather than regretting later.

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