Split End Remedies From The Kitchen

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Split End Remedies From The Kitchen

Are you bothered by split ends? Try some natural, available in the kitchen remedies to stick them together before you go chop-chop.

Are you bothered by split ends? Try some natural, available in the kitchen remedies to stick them together before you go chop-chop.

You might be having the best textured hair in the town, but they can neither be long nor strong; if they have split ends. Still no need to set those alarm bells ringing as it’s a common problem with even common, yet effective solutions.

Once you find out your hair have started to split into two or more strands at the ends; it’s obvious they are under nourished. However, before you head to an expensive hair clinic; do yourself a favor and start digging in your kitchen for the following stuff:

Split ends Trivia:
  • Avoid inferior hair care products as they can be damaging for hair texture.
  • Do not rub dry your hair. Just squeeze the water out.
  • Avoid using hot styling tools too much.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair colors and gels as they might spoil hair texture.

Avocado oil:

Avocado oil when warmed and massaged gently into the scalp and damaged hair tips, works well for split ends. Remember to cover your oiled hair with a hot towel for half an hour before washing it away.

Papaya and curd:

Papaya is a beauty aid in the true sense. It is not only good for your skin, but works wonders on your hair too. For this treatment you need a ripe papaya ground into a fine paste and then mixed with a bowl of curd. Lavishly apply this mixture on your hair, from root to tip. Let it stand for half an hour and then, wash away using a mild shampoo. Follow this four week treatment for your hair and see it stick your hair ends together; with extra bounce and shine as a bonus.

Olive oil, honey and egg yolk:

As much as it may sound disgusting to put egg on your hair; you must know that egg has great binding qualities. So if you want those split ends all gone, you need to break that egg and separate its yolk, in order to mix it with five tea spoons of olive oil and a single spoon of honey. Beat this properly. Once done, gently massage it into your scalp with your finger tips. Now leave this to stay for 20 minutes by covering it with a hot towel. Wash away later with a mild shampoo.

Honey and curd:

A tablespoon of honey can be mixed into half a bowl of curd to get a smooth paste. Now apply this paste all over your hair and into your scalp as well. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat this treatment for six weeks and see the difference in your hair week after week.

Castor oil and honey:

This can be done only for the split hair ends. Take a teaspoon of castor oil and a tea spoon of honey. Mix them well and apply to the affected area. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off. Repeat at least three times a week before your head bath.

While you can work on numerous hair treatments for the split ends; it is vital to understand that if your hair is subjected to extreme temperature changes, dryness and is under nourished this problem will recur and may damage your hair badly. So try and work on a weekly hair care regime on a continuous basis to avoid hair problems.


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