Simple Winter Hair Care Tips

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Easy to do tips for winter care for your hair

Simple Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair becomes dry and brittle during winters all thanks to the chilly winds and cold weather. To top it up wearing woolens makes them all the more mis-managed. Winters find a lot of hair damage and hair fall.

However, what we do not realize is that the solution lies in our own hands. Often during winters we overlook the basic need of our hair to remain clean and well moisturized. If that is taken care of, along with some simple precautions, you can have a great mane even through the dry spell.

Here are some simple hair care tips that will help you sail smoothly through the winter months:

  • It is important to wash your hair as frequently in winters as you did otherwise. Remember, its just cold, but the pollutants and dust are still there! Dirty hair break faster.
  • Never use hot water for hair. Hot water damages hair keratin and makes it prone to damage; always use luke-warm water for a head bath.
  • Make sure you take a hot oil massage every time before washing your hair. It helps seal the moisture in your hair and keeps them from getting frizzy.
  • Never leave the house without fully drying your hair. Chilly winds are bound to stiffen moist hair, making them brittle and prone to damage.
  • Preferably keep your head covered with a scarf when out in the wind during winters.
  • Buy a good anti-static lotion or serum for your hair to prevent the buildup of static electricity in your dry hair; which is a major cause of hair breakage during winters.
  • Avoid using blow dryer as your hair is likely to lose its moisture content like this.

If well oiled, washed and conditioned your hair will shine with all their strength during winters as well. So try out these simple tips and enjoy the difference!

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