Hair Thinning In Women– Causes and Remedies

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Thinning hair and balding scalp are not just male problems. Women experience these problems as well.

Hair Thinning In Women– Causes and Remedies

Hair fall and thinning is a constant source of worry for most women. The causes of hair fall are many. However, women tend to get apprehensive even when they notice small amounts of hair fall.

Causes of hair thinning

There are many causes of thinning of hair. Given below are the major causes.


A woman might lose up to 250 hairs when she washes her hair. This is normal.

Excessive vitamin A consumption is a known cause for hair loss

Hormonal imbalance is always reflected through hair fall. When the functioning of thyroid gland is abnormal, one of the first side effects is loss of hair. Excessive hormonal activity is also the cause of hair fall during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause

PCOS is another problem which is caused due to hormonal imbalance. The polycystic ovaries syndrome is the condition when estrogen level decreases and androgen, which is the male hormone, increases in a women. When this happens, women experience excessive facial hair and excessive hair fall

Crowning is when some women experience thinning of hair at the crown as they age. This is the most common balding pattern in woman. Receding hairline is very rare in women

Lupus, a condition in which immune system functions abnormally, might cause hair fall if the immune system begins attacking hair follicles. This condition is called Alopecia Aereta and is characterized by extreme thinning and appearance of bald patches

Fungal infections such as ringworm and dandruff cause excessive hair fall

Birth control pills are also known to cause hair to fall. Use of other medications, especially antibiotics and steroids, weaken hair roots and cause hair to fall

Improper diet and crash dieting leading to iron deficiency and sudden weight loss is a common cause

Radiation and chemo therapy treatments for cancer cause complete baldness • Wearing tight hair bands and hair styles cause tension in the hair and they break away

Stress is another leading cause of hair fall

Genetic factors are known to play a role in causing hair fall

Use of excessive chemical treatments and heat treatments for styling purposes is a major cause

Not maintaining proper hair hygiene affects hair health Remedies for hair fall

Cure for hairfall

The cure for hair fall depends on the cause. Usually, a healthy diet, normal body weight and active lifestyle keep the body healthy and avoid hair fall due to many factors. Hot oil massages using ayurvedic oils stops thinning up to a large extent. In case of nutritional deficiency, nutritional supplements can be used. Application of medicines such as Minoxidil is prescribed by doctors to curb hair fall.

Advanced therapies and treatments such as laser hair treatment and hair transplants are effective because they rejuvenate weak hair follicles and cause them to produce hair. Styling the hair can help in hiding thinning hair.

In case of balding, women can always use wigs.



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