Brushing Tips For A Sparkling Smile

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Brushing Tips For A Sparkling Smile

Shiny and white teeth are everyone’s dream; but not everyone’s reality. If your discolored ‘pearlies’ are keeping you from flashing a sparkling smile; try some of these everyday brushing tips and you’ll not stop grinning.

Behind every gorgeous smile lies a little, yet regular effort towards oral hygiene. Therefore, we’ll begin at the very basics of dental care; i.e. – Brushing. While we all brush our teeth every day and many of us do brush twice too; the big question is “are we brushing correctly?”

Yes, it is true that brushing teeth incorrectly can lead to several dental problems apart from mere discoloration. The ***enamel*** coating covering the teeth is often seen to either go pale due to over harsh brushing or get covered with ***plaque*** due to hurried brush strokes.

It is therefore, important that we understand the proper way to brush our teeth. Here are some important tips to brush right:

  • One must brush their teeth every day. There is no skipping this. Everyday brushing is the first and foremost step to good ***oral hygiene***.
  • Inculcating the habit of twice a day brushing (once before you go to bed) will make sure your teeth remain cavity free in the long run.
  • Brushing duration: In order to properly brush teeth, we need to brush for at least two minutes every time. Most of us however, fail to do so. It is best to time your brushing initially to ensure you are cleaning your teeth long enough.
  • Brushing strokes: these need to be gentle, short and made along the gum line, while cleaning the teeth. Always brush starting from the gum line and then away.
  • Brushing technique: the thumb rule while brushing is upper teeth first, followed by the lower teeth. Brush the outer surface of upper teeth first and then the outer surface of lower teeth. Next, move to the inner surface of upper teeth and then to the inner surface of lower teeth. The chewing surfaces come next. Clean them thoroughly. Last but not the least; clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner.
  • Brushing angle: while brushing your brush must be kept at a 45 degree angle to your gum line

 In addition to brushing, there are several other factors too that one needs to keep in mind for good oral health and shiny white teeth. Some of these are:

Rinsing your mouth: Doing this, every time after you’ve had something to eat, helps clean away small particles of food that stick to teeth. Food particles remain in your mouth, stuck within the gaps in the ***denture*** and also between your cheeks and gums.

Good brush: An ideal brush is one that has soft bristles, has a small head that can reach difficult areas in the mouth and provides a good holding grip.

Flossing: ***Dental floss*** is easily available in the market today. So make sure you do not leave the fussy bits of food clinging to your teeth as you prepare to sleep. Take some floss and clean the gaps between your teeth before you sleep. Flossing greatly helps reduce plaque and bacterial build-up in the mouth.

Eating right: Some foods are good for dental health, while others need to be avoided. Take a look.

  • Stay away from tea, coffee and alcohol to prevent staining of teeth.
  • Aerated drinks are rich in sugar and therefore, their excess causes tooth decay and plaque formation. They also lead to cavities as they are high on the acidic content.
  • Diet pills reduce the ***saliva*** content in the mouth and hence there is aggravated bacterial growth, leading to decay.
  • Red wine on the other hand works as an ***anti-septic*** and if taken in moderate amounts can prove be good for oral hygiene.
  • Fruits like strawberries work as good dental scrubs due to their grainy texture and thus, help in teeth whitening.
  • Eating crunchy vegetables and fruits like- carrots, radishes, apples, cucumber, broccoli etc helps not only to exercise the ***gums*** but also in cleaning the teeth.
  • Using a pinch of salt with your daily bit of toothpaste works well as an antiseptic treatment for your mouth, in addition to whitening the teeth.

A well maintained set of teeth is sure to add to your confidence and give your smile that extra sparkle of good health.

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