Home Pedicure; The Best Way To Relax

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Home Pedicure; The Best Way To Relax

Take good care of your feet by giving yourself a weekly pedicure and enjoy the relaxed feeling that comes from this simple yet, de-stressing weekend massage.

Pedicures go way back in ancient history, when the queens of the Egyptian Pharaohs indulged in lavish foot massages as part of their daily beauty regimes. While, women of today might be the queens of their houses; the luxury of time is not something all of them can enjoy. With busy schedules to follow and stressing lifestyles to lead; indulging in every day pedicures does not even figure in their dreams.

However, a self pampering weekend pedicure, taken in the comfort of one’s home actually sounds like quite a good idea. In fact, it is good to know that pedicures are more than just beauty treatments that help your feet and nails look better. Indulging in weekly pedicures is good for you because:

Pedicure trivia:
  • The word pedicure is a combination of the Latin words pes, (meaning foot) and cura( meaning care.).
  • Using emery boards for nail filing is always better than metal nail filers as the latter damage nails.
  • The best way to file your nails is to file them in one direction only. Do not alter direction while filing.
  • Push back your cuticle skin with a wooden stick to avoid any infectious cuts or bruises.
  • Never cut the flesh or cuticles of your toes, it is best to trim them with a cuticle clipper.
  •  A good pedicure helps in keeping the skin of feet moist, soft, smooth and nourished.
  • It prevents foot and toe nail diseases; as regular cleaning and moisturizing is taking place.
  • The tips of our toes are full of nerve endings and any massage given to the feet, helps improve blood circulation.
  • This in turn, tones the muscles of the feet and legs, helps in relaxation and drives away tiredness.

For an enjoyable weekend pedicure at home you need the following things:

Nail paint remover, cotton balls, nail clippers, big flat bowl or small flat tub, warm water, bath salts, aromatherapy oils, half a cup of milk, a good cuticle removing cream, skin pushing stick, cuticle nippers, body or foot scrub, foot file or pumice stone, astringent, moisturizer, nail paint.

Steps to an enjoyable pedicure:

Begin by removing your old nail paint from your toe nails and cleaning them completely. To do this, use a good quality acetone nail paint remover and cotton balls. It is however; best to use cotton cloth instead of cotton balls, to avoid cotton fibers from getting stuck to your toe nails.

Now take some warm water in a shallow bowl or small tub and soak your feet in it for two to three minutes. Make sure the water is not too hot as it can damage the skin of your feet. After two minutes, take out your feet and dab them dry. Your toenails will be soft by now and ready to be clipped.

When you are cutting your toe nails, make sure, you cut flat across the nail and not along the curve. To smoothen the pointed corners, use a nail filer and give your nails a square shape. Also, while cutting, leave a centimeter of nail length behind and then cut. Avoid cutting too close to the skin and at the same time make sure your nails are never longer than the tip of your toe.

Once the nails are clipped; change the warm water in the bowl and this time add some bath salts, a few drops of aromatherapy oil and half a cup of milk to the water. Now soak your feet in the water and sit back to relax as the concoction works on them. The bath salts will clean your feet and soften them, while the aromatherapy oil relaxes you and the milk will work on the dead skin of your feet and loosen it. Soak for minimum 10 minutes or for as long as you deem appropriate.

Once the feet are soft enough, take them out and dab them clean. Now apply some cuticle remover cream on the nails and after a minute, start pushing back the overgrown cuticles from your nails towards the skin. Trim this loose skin with a cuticle clipper.

Next use a good body or foot scrub to exfoliate your feet. Rub your feet gently using the scrub and pumice stone so that the already loosened dead skin will come off, revealing smooth skin.

Now wash your feet with plain warm water and dry well. Use a good astringent to remove all oiliness. Using a good moisturizer or foot cream, apply all over your feet and massage gently in circular motion. Focus more on areas in between the toes, toe tips and pressure points such as the ankles and centre of the foot sole.

Finish the pedicure with an application of three coats of your favorite nail paint shade and you’re ready to be up and about again. For the rest of the week just wash your feet before going to bed and moisturize with a mixture of rose water and glycerin; until, the next pedicure day comes along.

A good pedicure does not take more than 20 minutes of your time, minus the soak time of course! Yet, the freshness and relaxed feeling stays with you throughout the week, not to mention the feel good factor too. So go ahead and pamper yourself, it’s worth the effort.


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