10 Most Effective Acupressure Points

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10 Most Effective Acupressure Points

If you are looking at the use of acupressure for self treatment, here’s how you can locate the best acupressure points.

Acupressure is an ancient healing therapy, which is generally used to cure stress related ailments. This therapy is based on the understanding that the body has self-curative abilities. During this therapy fingers are used to press acupressure or energy points on the body to release muscular tension and improve blood circulation and in turn promote wellness.

Given below is how you can locate 10 of the most effective acupressure points on your body:

Acupressure Trivia

The human body has over 400 acupressure points that can treat over 4,000 symptoms.

Acupressure points that can be successful for one individual may or may not work for other individual.

Acupressure points tend to be painful when the energy is blocked and feel less painful once the therapy has been applied on them. However, it’s highly recommended that before you practice this art on your own, you consult an acupuncturist to ensure which points are best for the treatment of your condition.

For locating acupressure points, the unit of measurement used is ‘cun’. A cun is generally equivalent to one thumb width.

Point Name: Lung 1- this point is related to the lungs
Location: Above the chest, below the shoulder. This point is 1 cun below the depression under the end of the ***clavicle***
Effect: helps reduce pain in shoulders and upper back; for treating cough and asthma

Point Name: Large Intestine 4- this point relates to the face, mouth and head
Location: On the top of the hand, on the web between your index finger and thumb
Effect: useful in treating headaches, sore throat, fever, allergies
Therapy on this point must be avoided during pregnancy.

Point Name: Kidney 1- this point is used to direct energy downwards
Location: In the central depression below the ball of your foot
Effect: useful in treating headaches, tension, insomnia, and diarrhoea and calming down a person in a state of shock.

Point Name: Bladder 23- this point is used to provide strength to the kidney
Location: located near the lower spine at the second ***lumbar vertebrae***.
Effect: helpful in strengthening the knees and lower back and relieving a person from fatigue

Point Name: Liver 3- this point is the source point of the liver meridian
Location: On the top of your foot, on the line between the big toe and second toe, approximately 2 cun further down the web margin
Effect: this is used to release excessive energy that causes anxiety, depression, anger and irritation.

Point Name: Gall Bladder 30- this point is useful in removing obstructions in the flow of energy through the hips and legs
Location: on the***postero-lateral***aspect of the hip joint, 1/3 the distance between the prominence of the ***greater trochanter*** and the sacro-coccygeal hiatus.
Effect: this is useful in restoring joint mobility and strengthening the lower back and legs; highly useful in treating hip pain and rheumatism.

Point Name: Heart 7 - this point has healing energy for cardiovascular diseases
Location: At the proximal end of and on the radial side of the***pisiform bone*** at the wrist just over the ***ulnar artery***.
Effect: Helps in keeping the heart healthy and relieving one from insomnia and anxiety

Point Name: Small Intestine 11 - this point is effective for the breast and chest
Location: In the region of the scapula, in the depression in the centre of the ***subscapular fossa***, level with the 4th thoracic vertebra.
Effect: Useful in curing pain in the shoulders and arm, asthma and acute mastitis

Point Name: Spleen 6 - this point relates to the spleen, kidney and liver
Location: On the inside of the lower leg, one hand width above the tip of the ankle bone
Effect: Useful in treatment of urinary, gynaecological and sexual problems; also helpful in treating headaches, insomnia and anxiety.
Therapy on this point must be avoided during pregnancy.

Point Name: Stomach 36 - this point is known to treat all diseases
Location: On the front of the leg, one hand breadth below the kneecap
Effect: For treating all stomach related problems, strengthening the stomach and spleen; and improving digestion

While practicing acupressure one must take a deep breath, repeat the name of the point while pressing it and visualise its benefits, for best results.

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