Prescribing In Homoeopathy; Science As Well As Art

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Prescribing In Homoeopathy; Science As Well As Art

Prescribing the correct medication in homoeopathy, is both, a science as well as an art (albeit a difficult one); and also, one that comes with knowledge and experience.

Prescribing the correct medication in homoeopathy, is both, a science as well as an art (albeit a difficult one); and also, one that comes with knowledge and experience.

When a patient comes to a homoeopathic physician, he/she takes the complete medical history of the patient. The symptoms are then analysed and matched with the drug picture. The medicine that matches maximum number of patient’s symptoms with the drug picture is then prescribed to the patient.

Some of the important aspects to be considered prior to prescribing a particular line of treatment include –

  • Taking maximum details of the case,  
  • Understanding the physiology as well as psychology of the patient,
  • Thorough knowledge of medicines and
  • Skilful use of reference material.

In the homoeopathic way of treatment, we believe in the ‘individuality’ of the person to be treated.  Each patient  is a different  individual  and it means,  that even if  two  patients  are  suffering  from the same disease; but, are having different  symptoms, they are required to be treated  with  different  medicines.

Therefore, more than the names of the diseases, what matter are factors that are independently influencing that individual’s medical condition and constitution. This is why while treating  a  patient,  we  have  to  take into account the patient’s  past  history of illnesses, his/ her family’s medical history (like diabetes, hypertension etc), eating habits, sleeping  habits, dreams, previous  treatments, etc.

The mental and physical symptoms of a patient are equally important. In many cases, treating the mental symptoms first becomes important.  These could include the basic nature of the patient, behaviour, fears, likes, dislikes, attitude etc. In some cases  the  reactions  of  the  patient  to the   changes in the climatic conditions  are also  required to be taken into account.   

Some other important things that we homeopaths consider before prescribing medicines to our patients are the factors that aggravate the patient’s problems and those that give relief from symptoms.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from plants, animal, minerals etc. Ethyl alcohol is taken as base for preparing all medicines in homoeopathy.  The medicines are then dispensed through the sweet pills which are used to preserve the medicinal properties and are easy to swallow as well. Some of the prominent  Indian companies (like  SBL,  Bakson etc ) and  German  companies (like Schawebe , Dr.Reckeweg etc)  are known to produce quality homoeopathic  medicines .

I often see first time patients finding it strange to answer more than a few questions about themselves. I would however advise that,  it is good to keep patience and provide accurate information when your homeopath asks you questions  requiring detailed answers, (even if they seem un-necessary or irrelevant to you); as, your answer will give your doctor a complete pen-picture of your condition and constitution; thus, aiding in prescribing the correct and most effective medicines.

Dr. Swati SakhreThis article has been contributed by Dr. Swati Sakhre. Dr. Swati is a practicing homeopath, who holds her degree in B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Hoemopathic Medicine and Surgery). You can  put across a query for Dr. Swati through our "Ask The Tzars"  Section or contact her for consultation at the following mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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