Magnet Therapy –Know More About It

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Magnet Therapy –Know More About It

Magnet therapy has gained increasing awareness in the past few decades along with other fields of alternative medicine. This therapy works on the principle that - the human body and every other living body on the Earth is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy. Not only living things, but also non living matter is made up of atoms, which exhibit both electrical and magnetic nature.

Magnet therapy makes use of magnets to channelize this energy and treat ailments ranging from mild to chronic ones. It restores the balance of the body by application of magnets to affected parts of the body, thus contributing to the body’s life force energy called ‘prana’.

Benefits of magnetic therapy

Therapy Trivia:

According to Magnet Therapy the position of one’s sleep with respect to the Earth’s geographical poles greatly influences ones health.

According to the American Cancer Society, some cells in the human body pulse with electromagnetic energy.

Practitioners of magnetic healing believe that the energy fields produced by magnets can interact with these pulses.

Ancient Egyptians used loadstones to prolong life and improve health.

It is said that Cleopatra wore a polished lodestone on her third eye, in the belief that it helped maintain her youth and beauty.
  • Cracked bones have also been repaired with application of electricity.
  • Magnetic fields regenerate old tissues and facilitate repair of diseased ones.
  • The body’s ageing process is also slowed down by application of CMF (constant magnetic field).
  • Cancer cells have been known to show stunted growth in the presence of external magnetic fields.
  • Drinking magnetized water purifies the blood of impurities, excess cholesterol, dissolves kidney stones and preserves general health.
  • According to researchers, external magnetic field acts upon the iron in the haemoglobin of the blood and activates the blood circulation; thus, preventing and treating major diseases.

Application of constant magnetic field is known to regulate the electrical activity of cells. It supplies ‘pranic’ energy to weakened and diseased cells and tissues. Magnet therapy meets the disease at its very roots, just like ‘homeopathy’ offers constitutional treatment. It is widely used for curing chronic ailments like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, migraine etc.

Mentioned below is a commonly used method of applying magnetic healing to our daily life in order to stabilize and restore the body’s effective functioning.

Magnetized water: Take a square, colourless glass bottle and fill it with water. Place the north pole of a bar magnet of strength about 850 Gauss to one side of the bottle and the South Pole to the other side. This arrangement should be in such a way that the bar magnet makes an angle of 90 degrees with the length of the bottle. Secure with a thread. Keep this bottle placed in such a way, that the south pole of the magnet faces the Earth’s geographical south and the north of the magnet faces the Earth’s geographical North Pole. Let this water rest for one day and then consume it twice daily.

People who are restless, hyperactive and constantly under stress, have been known to benefit from this therapy.

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