Homoeopathy; Myths and Misconceptions

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Homoeopathy; Myths and Misconceptions

Homoeopathy stands for a self-contained system of therapy, which gently supports the natural regenerative healing endeavors of organisms.

Homoeopathy stands for a self-contained system of therapy, which gently supports the natural regenerative healing endeavors of organisms.

How does homoeopathy work?

The working of homeopathy has been very aptly explained by its brilliant founder, the German physician and natural scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; who reduced its mode of action to a simple common denominator “Similia Similibus Curenture” or in plain English “Like Cures Like”.

Homeopathy functions on the similarity between each disease and the selected drug. Based on this similarity, a specific stimulus is induced when the latter is administered. Homeopathic drugs or medicines are agents producing a particular range of symptoms in the healthy and at the same time, aiding the sick exhibiting a similar range of symptoms, to recovery.

Homeopathy believes that the whole constitution or make-up of a person determines to a large extent, the type of disorders to which that individual is prone and the type of symptoms that are likely to be displayed.

Myths and Misconceptions about homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment is a curative type of treatment. It does not suppress a disease. It instead, tries to remove it from its root. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding homeopathy and I would like to clarify a few here:

Myth1: Homeopathic remedies take longer time to act

All Homeopathic remedies do not take longer time to act. There are certain remedies which act within minutes of being given to the patient. Hence this statement cannot be generally used for homeopathy. Yes, in chromic cases homoeopathic treatment has to be taken for a longer time so that the disease is completely cured. But in acute cases homoeopathy also acts in a day or two and sometimes within an hour; just in the same way, as other means of treatment.

Myth 2: Homoeopathic medicines when taken first aggravate the symptoms

This again does not hold true in all cases. Only in some cases, symptoms get aggravated but this is in a way, is a step towards cure. This aggravation is followed by relief of symptoms and then cure.

Myth 3: Homeopathic physicians use steroids

No, trained and certified homoeopaths do not use steroids. In fact homoeopathy does not allow use of steroids in any manner. Also the long term use of steroids in other means of treatment shows obvious side effects like weight gain, moon-face, obesity, weakening of bones, etc; which is not seen with homoeopathic treatment.

I always advise my patients to understand that each system of treatment has its own limitations. Homeopathy too has its limitations in certain surgical and emergency cases. In homeopathy the approach to treatment is holistic and the overall state of health of the patient, especially the emotional and psychological well being is regarded as  most significant.

Dr. Swati SakhreThis article has been contributed by Dr. Swati Sakhre. Dr. Swati is a practicing homeopath, who holds her degree in B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Hoemopathic Medicine and Surgery). You can  put across a query for Dr. Swati through our "Ask The Tzars"  Section or contact her for consultation at the following mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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