Essential Oils – A Great Stress Busting Remedy

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Looking for relief from stress? Try essential oils.

Essential Oils – A Great Stress Busting Remedy

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of leaves, flowers, stalks or fruits. Essential oils are very beneficial for health but the most prominent benefit is stress relief. Essential oils are blended with carrier oils for enhanced stress reduction.

Here are some of the best known essential oils for relieving stress and tension in everyday life:

Lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender flower through steam distillation. It is one of the most powerful stress reduction agents. The benefits of the oil include reducing depression, mood enhancement, energizing effect and reduction of muscular tension.

Essential Oil Trivia

Although very beneficial for health, most of the essential oils should not be used during pregnancy

The most common carrier oil is grapeseed oi

Usage: The best way to use the oil for stress reduction is to add 10 to 14 drops of the oil into your bath water. You can also rub the oil on your temples. However, lavender oil should not be applied in the concentrated form. It can be diluted with jojoba oil or rosemary oil.

Sandalwood essential oil: Sandalwood essential oil promotes sleep, soothes the body and mind and stimulates response of immune system against stress.
Usage: Using this oil before meditation is one of the best ways of obtaining complete relaxation. All you have to do is inhale the aroma of the oil. You can put a few drops in your air freshener or dispenser.

Geranium essential oil: This oil is a proven anti-depressant. It is extracted from the leaves and stalks of geranium plant using the method of steam distillation. This oil acts like a tonic on taut nerves and stressed mind. It calms nerves and balances adrenaline hormone in the body.
Usage: For use, geranium essential oil is diluted 50% with carrier oils and applied on the temples. You can also inhale the aroma to experience relief from stress.

Clary sage essential oil: Clary sage essential oil brings a feeling of well being in the body and mind. It is calming and an excellent mood enhancer. When inhaled, Clary sage oil improves concentration and retention power. It also has a sedative effect and hence, promotes sleep. However, inhaling it in its concentrated form and too frequently can lead to headaches.
Usage: You can diffuse the oil, add a few drops in your bath or apply a drop at the pulse points of your body. Applying on the sole of your feet is extremely relaxing. It can also be used with unscented body oil.

Ylang Ylang essential oil: Ylang Ylang essential oil is very uplifting. It reduces stress, curbs feeling of anxiety, panic and fear and reduces depression.
Usage: This aroma oil can be inhaled by adding a few drops in boiling water. You can use the oil in a dispenser for twenty minutes for immediate relaxation. It can also be used in baths.

Create your own essential oil blend for stress reduction

Mix 20 drops of geranium oil, 5 drops of patchouli oil, 10 drops of bergamot oil, 10 drops of ylang ylang oil and 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix this blend with 5 ounces of sweet almond oil. Use this mixture in your bath or for body massage for unmatched relaxation.

Several other essential oils such as lemon, rose, tangerine and jasmine are also very effective stress reduction agents.

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