Top Five Natural Methods To Treat Piles

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Learn more about natural and safe methods to treat piles

Top Five Natural Methods To Treat Piles

Piles, a condition arising as a result of enlargement and inflammation of the veins of or near the rectum/anus may or may not be painful, depending on the severity of the condition so observed. They may be present externally (external hemorrhoids) or internally (internal hemorrhoids). However, external hemorrhoids are more painful, uncomfortable and symptomatic than internal hemorrhoids, maybe because they are more prone to friction and are exposed to the outer surface of the body.

Although it is not a serious condition it is a source of discomfort and embarrassment for people suffering from this condition. Piles are common among people suffering from chronic constipation, or having low fiber content in their diets.


Sitting on cold floors for a long time may cause pile is a myth.

Liver damage and some food allergies can also add stress to the rectal veins.

Also other factors such as ageing, pregnancy, hereditary and anal intercourse are linked to pile eruption. Effective natural remedies that may reduce the symptoms of piles and aid their early treatment are many, but it is most important to have clean bowels as constipation and other activities that create a pressure on the lower intestinal region tend to aggravate the pre-existing condition.

Natural treatment 1:

Consuming 1/4 cup of radish juice twice a day can cure piles naturally by soothing the digestive and excretory system of the body. Once you get used to having 1/4 cups, you can also increase the intake to half a cup.

Natural treatment 2:

Rich in dietary fiber, banana adds bulk to the stools and aids its easy passage, thus reducing the pressure on the bowels and providing relief from piles. Mash a banana and boil it with milk. Drink 2-3 times a day or as required.

Natural treatment 3:

Like bananas, figs are also found to aid bowel movement. These foods are natural laxatives that reduce the pressure required for excretion and easing pile trouble. Soak figs in water and leave them overnight. Consume them the first thing in the morning.

Natural treatment 4:

Buttermilk and curd are rich in lactobacilli which are excellent in maintaining the digestive health. Add 1/4 tsp carom seed powder and a pinch of salt to a glass of buttermilk and consume with meals for a healthy digestive system. You can also crush bitter gourd leaves and add them to the buttermilk.

Natural treatment 5:

Take half quantity each of roasted and non-roasted black cumin seeds and consume them with a glass of water for digestive relief. Cumin seeds have laxative, carminative and anti-fungal properties making it one of the best methods to treat piles.

Having less spicy food and drinking plenty of water with a fiber rich diet helps keep piles at bay.

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