Cure That Ear Infection Naturally

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Cure That Ear Infection Naturally

Ears are very delicate parts of our body and therefore, more susceptible to infections. Ear infections however, must never be ignored.

Ears are very delicate parts of our body and therefore, more susceptible to infections. Ear infections however, must never be ignored. One can cure ear infections naturally by taking several precautions and herbal remedies under professional supervision.

Often ear problems get ignored as they mostly do not have aggravated symptoms and also, because of lack of general awareness on ear care. Ear infections must never be taken casually. If prolonged, they can cause severe damage to ear drums, often leading to perforation in them and damage to surrounding bone tissue as well; eventually leading to permanent hearing loss.

Ear infection trivia:

  • Ear infections are non contagious.
  • They worsen during winters
  • The most common ailment in children and infants in infection in the ear.
  • An acute ear infection may take several months to get cured.
  • Middle ear infections (otitis media) are the most common.

Knowing when you have an ear infection is very important. If your there are watery secretions from one or both of your ears; if your ears are itching from inside or there is some pain, know for sure these are all indicating an ear infection.

There are several factors causing ear infections; some of these are:

  • Bacterial or viral infection in the middle ear.
  • Recent illness of some kind.
  • Climatic change.
  • Ear injury caused as a result of using sharp objects like pins or ear buds.
  • Infection caused due to water entering the ear and reaching the middle ear.
  • Ear infection in infants due to milk trickling to the ear, during feeding.
  • Food allergies increase the chances of an ear infection.
  • Ear perforation caused by violent and forceful vomiting.
  • Often direct smoking or passive smoking may also cause infection in ears.
  • Sudden change of atmospheric pressure can also damage the ear drums leading to infection.
  • B-Cat diseases also causes ear infections.

To ensure that ears stay infection free it is necessary that our body gets enough vitamins and minerals. In addition, there are several things which help keep ears in good health on a regular basis. These are:

  • Avoid poking your ears with sharp objects while cleaning them.
  • Avoid using ear buds also. Clean the ears on the outside only and do not go too deep.
  • Take care while swimming, washing hair or taking a bath, so that water does not enter the ears.
  • Drain out any water from the ears and keep them dry.
  • Air travel must be avoided when suffering from cold as change in air pressure affects the most when you have a cold.
  • While travelling by air, chew on something during air travel so that the pressure does not build on the ears.
  • Any ear discomfort, pain, discharge or swishing sounds in the ear should be reported to the doctor at the earliest.
  • Make sure you do not put any ear drops, oil or ointment in the ears without consulting a medical practitioner.
  • Any loss of hearing prolonging for more than two weeks must be reported.

Here are some effective herbal remedies for ear infection:

  • If your baby has ear infection, it is best to stop his/her bottle feed for a month and shift to nut milk or soy milk only.
  • In case of swishing or ringing in the ears mix 1 tsp salt with 1tsp glycerine and 2 tablespoons warm water and put a few drops in the ears. Exact dosage and method should be checked with a medical practitioner before use.
  • If ear infections are caused by prolonged cough or cold, it is best to get ears checked by a specialist for excessive wax.
  • Herbal practitioners favour garlic enemas for the ears to remove and flush out all infection and toxins resulting from fever, cold, chill or cough.
  • Homeopathic doctors favour medicines like - Belladonna, Chamomilla, Calcarea carbonica, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium and Sulfur for effectively curing ear infections.

With the first signs of any ear infection keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Restrain from blowing your nose too hard.
  • Rush to the doctor immediately in case of symptoms like – swishing sounds, ringing sounds, pain, discharge or blood.
  • Stay away from sweet and starchy foods. Avoid fruits and fruit juices during an ear infection.
  • Care must also be taken by people with food allergies to keep allergic foods at bay.
  • Skip your regular swim when suffering from an ear infection.
  • During bath, stuff your ears with some cotton to avoid water from entering the ear.

While it is important to stay aware about all ear infections and ear problems, it is equally important to react to any symptoms at the earliest by consulting your medical practitioner immediately. This will help avoid further complications.



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