Acupressure Points and Aroma Oils for Improved Digestion

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Acupressure Points and Aroma Oils for Improved Digestion

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art that works by applying pressure on strategic points in order to unblock energy knots in the body and allow free flow of energy, blood and air. For enhanced benefits, herbal mixes are massaged on these points. It is important to know the location of different pressure points in order to cure problems effectively.

Pressure points in acupressure techniques have been allotted numeric nomenclature. If you look at a typical acupressure image depicting all the pressure points in the body, you notice that every point is identified with a number. In this article we discuss the three pressure points that can help in healing problems related to the digestive system and improve digestion overall.

Accupressure point: Stomach 25
This is a point that is located three fingers to the left of navel. It is the energy focus point of the large intestines. In Chinese, this point is called Tian Shu. The lower and upper ***gastrointestinal tracts*** meet at this point and so, it is a very important point from digestion point of view. The point is easy to locate. The best way to locate it is to place three fingers side to side beginning from the bellybutton and towards its left. Measure the distance from the center of the bellybutton. You will find Tian Shu at the end of the third finger.

Therapy Trivia

Palms and soles have most number of pressure points for all parts of the body

Nei Ching, a medical document which was scripted between 2697 BC and 2596 BC, has the earliest mention of acupressure

Aromatherapy oils:
Some of most common intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and constipation can be cured by massaging this point with fennel or ***frankincense*** essential oils. Fennel should not be used by pregnant women. These liquids can be mixed with apricot oil or coconut oil for better results. This point also eases menstrual pain and other related irregularities.

Accupressure point: Stomach 36
The Chinese call this point Zu San Li. It is located four fingers below the kneecap. The best way to locate the point is by bending knees and feeling for a tender point just where you fourth finger ends. This is an energy booster point and is known to reduce fatigue. It strengthens weak digestive system and boosts immunity. Administering acupressure at this point reduces digestive disorders, gas, nausea, vomiting, bloating and diarrhea.
Aromatherapy Oils:
Orange, bergamont and neroli essential oils are used for messaging the point. When these oils are used, avoid direct sunlight.

Accupressure point: Ren 12
Ren 12 is the conjunction point for ***yin energies*** of the stomach. Known as Zhong Wan, this point is located at the center point of the line connecting the bellybutton and meeting point of ribs. You can feel this point in the form is a soft depression exactly at the center of this line.                                     Aromatherapy Oils:
Ginger essential oil is used to massage this point in order to get rid of problems such as indigestion, stomach upsets, discomfort due to overeating, ***acid reflux***, bloating, gas and low appetite.

Regular practice of acupressure and aromatherapy, done under a trained practitioner’s guidance can keep you healthy and prevent various health problems in the long run.

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