World’s most successful dengue vaccine to come into the market shortly

on Thursday, 26 July 2012. Posted in News, Immunization & Health Written By: HealthTzars News Group

World’s most successful dengue vaccine to come into the market shortly

Although dengue is a rampant disease, researchers have been unable to find a vaccine for the disease because the virus appears in four different variations. These variations confuse the immune system of the body and so, although vaccine is administered, it proves to be ineffective.

Now, Sanofi SA, the reputed French pharmaceutical company, has manufactured a vaccine which has proved successful against three strains of the virus. Results against the fourth strain are eagerly awaited. Testing for the fourth strain is being conducted in Thailand.

According to a press release by Sanofi, the results of the clinical trials have been very encouraging, especially because scientists have been struggling to develop a dengue vaccine for the past seven decades. The report further said that is the final trial also goes well, the vaccination can be available in the market by 2015.

The trials conducted so far have proved that the vaccine is safe for use. Although other drug companies are working on developing similar, Sanofi is the first company to come up with highly positive results. Dengue is a disease which is caused by an infected mosquito. It is also called break bone fever.

It affects almost three billion people all over the world and kills around twenty thousand people. There are four kinds of virus strains which cause dengue. The most dangerous thing is that antibodies against one strain are rendered ineffective against the other strains.

The vaccine under discussion has provided comprehensive results by reacting positively against three out of four strains. According to experts, the find is great and shall make a lot of difference in the fight against dengue.

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