Women's brain smaller but more efficiently used than men

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Women's brain smaller but more efficiently used than men

It has been confirmed now with substantial proof from research that women's brains are much smaller in size as compared to men. However, studies have also proven that women use their brains more efficiently than men.

The brain in women uses fewer brain-cells and lesser energy to achieve a given common task either as good as, or better than, their male counterparts. Men have more number of brain cells or neuron bundles while women have less number of neurons, but better connectivity between their brain cells enabling them to think quicker.

Research work by neuroscientists at University of California assisted by other researchers in Madrid focused on finding out answers to why women having almost eight percent smaller size of brain compared to men have equal intelligence levels. Research was focused on a section of human brain called 'hippocampus' which is the center for emotions and useful memory.

Scientists conducted psychological tests on 45 men and 59 women aged 18 to 27 years. Findings proved that women performed better in areas like tracking changing situations and inductive reasoning than men while, men showed better prowess in spatial reasoning.

It was concluded that greater the number of neurons in the hippocampus in male-brain, higher the intelligence. In women, large-size hippocampus although smaller than in men did not guarantee higher intelligence. Rather, smaller size pointed towards better intelligence.

The findings concluded that at the structural level, women show better efficiency than men for achieving certain behavioral results while requiring lesser number of neurons. Prof. Trevor Robbins from Cambridge University while commenting on the findings said that smaller size of female brain could mean intense packing of nerve cells and better connectivity between them thereby resulting in more efficient operation.

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