Suffering from Asthma? Switch to high fibre diet for relief

on Tuesday, 07 January 2014. Posted in Diet and Nutrition, News Written By: HealthTzars News Group

Suffering from Asthma? Switch to high fibre diet for relief

A recent research report suggests that high-fibre diet can help reduce inflammation in the lungs and thereby help in the treatment of asthma.

Researchers in Switzerland began working on this project in order to determine why asthma was more common in Western Countries, where people consumed more processed foods; and less common in countries like Africa where people consumed more of high-fibre diets like fruits and vegetables.

Scientists carried out this research in order to determine whether 'pectin', the soluble fibre that comes from fruits and vegetables and is broken down in the intestines by microbes, was in any way connected to reduced inflammation in the lungs.

This study was conducted on two groups of mice; one group was fed with 'pectin' high diet, the other was put on low soluble fibre diet, for two weeks. The groups were then exposed to asthma causing dust mites. While the mice that were put on low pectin diet showed exaggerated asthmatic responses including presence of inflammatory compounds in the lungs; those put on pectin rich diet showed reduced inflammatory responses.

Scientists however, have yet to conduct more researches in order to see if a pectin rich diet can successfully help ease off asthma symptoms in humans too, till then says immunologist Benjamin Marsland of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland:

"a balanced diet rich in fibre is the best way to get the anti-inflammatory benefit." 

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