Study claims coca-cola can cure stomach blockage

on Wednesday, 09 January 2013. Posted in Diet and Nutrition, News Written By: HealthTzars News Group

Study claims coca-cola can cure stomach blockage

After a recent study, doctors are recommending administration of coca-cola drink in order to get rid of stomach blockages. They claim that the bubbles and chemical composition of the drink make it an effective alternative cure for the problem instead of undergoing surgery. 

The action of chemical components of coca-cola is similar to that of gastric acid in our stomach while the bubbles or fizz speeds up the process. The Diet and Coke-Zero drinks also have similar effects as that of the full-fat version since the basic ingredients in them are the same. Researchers from Medical School of Athens University said that most doctors have begun recommending this drink to treat a nasty condition called, 'gastric phytobezoar'.

Phytobezoar is a condition in which a blockage develops in the stomach which left un-removed or destroyed can lead to bowel obstruction. This is often caused by consumption of certain fruits which are not easily digestible like 'persimmons' consumed widely in Asia. Presently, variety of treatments is available to treat Phytobezoar including laser treatment, non-surgical endoscopies and surgery.

Researchers studied reports of 46 patients suffering from this condition who were treated with coke in hospitals world-wide over the last 10 years. Out of them, the blockage was destroyed in almost 50 percent of patients. 19 patients' required non-invasive treatments following assistance gained from coke-consumption and only four patients required surgery.

Coke consumption recorded a success rate of 91.3 percent. Researchers said that coke consumption is not just a cheap treatment but also easy to perform and safe. This can be easily undertaken at any endoscopy unit. They said that the carbonic and phosphoric acid content in coke resembles the gastric acid in our stomach which is essential for digesting fibers.

This could explain the success of the drink while the bubbles are understood to speed up the process of dissolving. Even if coke cannot destroy the blockage completely, it is likely that it reduces the size of the blockage and softens it making it easier to remove or destroy the blockage without surgery. 

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