Polypill for cholesterol and blood pressure generates good results

on Thursday, 19 July 2012. Posted in News, Products and Guidelines Written By: HealthTzars News Group

Polypill for cholesterol and blood pressure generates good results

Research, conducted in Britain, has asserted the effectiveness of a polypill in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

This single pill, which can be prepared by the confluence of many pills, has generated a lot of debate over the past years regarding its effectiveness and possible side effects. The latest research has proved that these poly-drugs are effective in people over fifty years of age.

The concept of "one size fit all" pill has been in vogue for the past several years. However, the progress made in this direction is relatively low, mainly because of the indifference of major pharmacy brands and vague regulations. This is a generic drug and is not a patented medicine.

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London have come out with the first ever experimental results of the polypill. The researchers, led by David Wald, believe that the drug is suitable for all people over fifty years of age. They created a polypill which contains three medicines used for blood pressure control and one medicine which is used to lower cholesterol levels.

The drug was manufactured by Cipla, India. Results showed that the pill was successful in reducing blood pressure up to 12 percent and LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol up 39 percent.

Lead researchers, David Wald, said that the polypill cuts down risk of strokes and heart attacks significantly.However, patients experienced slightly more side effects than while using separate pills, although none of the side effects were strong enough to cause discontinuation of the medicine.

The successful trial of the drug is a major milestone in providing affordable medication to more number of people.

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