Plant milk based yogurt developed for people with dairy milk allergy

on Monday, 06 January 2014. Posted in Diet and Nutrition, News Written By: HealthTzars News Group

Plant milk based yogurt developed for people with dairy milk allergy

Food Scientists at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), in Spain have successfully developed an allergy free yogurt, for consumption by adults and children suffering from cow’s milk allergy, gluten allergy or lactose intolerance. This plant milk based yogurt is also suitable for consumption by pregnant women.

The plant milk based yogurt was made using nut milk extracted from hazelnuts, almonds and oats. Scientists are also planning to research with walnuts and chestnuts for the same. Plant milks contain healthy fatty acids and carbohydrates and are also a rich source of vitamins B and E; potassium and dietary fibre.

In addition they have low glycaemic index and sodium content. These characteristics tend to make plant milk healthier to dairy milk. The Spanish research team with the help of in-vitro studies proved that these plant-based products, have anti-inflammatory properties in the intestines and hence, help in reducing allergic reactions caused by food. Cow’s milk on the other hand is not only on the list of allergens but also hampers the absorption of iron by the body.

Speaking on this development, Chelo González, a researcher at UPV stated:

“the results we have obtained also show that the ‘milks’ studied are a good matrix for the growth and viability of probiotic bacteria for the lifetime of the product, especially after their intake.”

While plant derived milks have been available for quite some time off the shelves; people allergic to dairy products can now look forward to an alternate for cow’s milk yogurt too. 

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