New OTC home test for HIV approved by US

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New OTC home test for HIV approved by US

The OraQuick test, which is now approved by the US and is expected to make rounds in the US market in the following few months, will check for the presence of HIV in the comfort of your home.


Just a mouth swab with saliva will enable almost 20 percent of HIV patients who do not know that they suffer from the disease to get diagnosed at the early stage. The FDA (food and drug administration) says it hopes that the test would reach people who might not have otherwise taken the test.

Chief executive of the company, Michael Douglas said:

"We expect all the major retail outlets to carry this product" 

The product is expected to cost less than $60 and will be sold in all major pharmacies and even online. However, it is confirmed by the FDA, that these results may not be 100% accurate and medical testing is required to confirm the presence of HIV.

In the trail tests conducted by OraSure, the product was able to correctly detect the presence of HIV 92 percent of the times and ruled out the presence of HIV with 99 percent accuracy.

According to Tom Donohue, the director of Who's Positive:

"This test will allow anyone to empower themselves to know their HIV status when, how and with whom they want to,"

The emergence of this test has been praised by HIV and AIDS support groups.


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