Longer sleep may help ease pain

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Longer sleep may help ease pain

Yet another reason to hit the bed- as per a new research, a good night’s sleep not only improves your daytime alertness, but also your ability to withstand pain. 

This study was conducted on 18 healthy adults. During the study, half the adults were given two hours more sleep per night, for four nights; while the other half were asked to keep to their regular night time schedule. The volunteers were then subjected to a test, to measure pain sensitivity; they were asked to keep a finger held to a heat source.

Volunteers in the extended sleep group were able to withstand the heat for a greater time and withdrew their fingers from the heat 25 percent later, as compared to the habitual sleep group. This increased ability to withstand pain, as per the researchers is equivalent to have taken a 60mg dose of the painkiller codeine, twice a day.

Thomas Roth, Director of the Sleep Disorders Center, at Henry Ford, explaining these findings suggested, that a person who already sleeps for over eight hours a day, does not need to sleep more, but people who spend just about six hours a day in bed, should extend their sleep hours to eight or nine.

Roth said:

"For people who don't get enough sleep, sleeping longer decreases pain sensitivity."

He added:

"This likely holds for all types of pain, including chronic back pain and other painful disorders."

This study has been published in the December issue of Sleep. 

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