Cigarette craving can be temporarily overcome by exercising: Study

on Monday, 27 August 2012. Posted in Exercise and fitness, News Written By: HealthTzars News Group

Cigarette craving can be temporarily overcome by exercising: Study

A recent study in Briton stated that smokers who are in the process of quitting the evil or trying to cut down the number of cigarettes can try taking a jog the next time they get a craving to smoke.

Data for the study was collected from 19 previous clinical trials. Researchers found that indulging in some form of exercising like jogging reduced the craving for smoke. It is not clear if this increased the chances of quitting the habit in any way.

Adrian Taylor, professor of exercise and health psychology at the University of Exeter, Briton who also led the study said that exercising for trying to reduce the craving for smoking is strongly recommended. The participants in the study were randomly assigned one of the two options when they experienced craving for a smoke; brisk walking or biking, or some kind of passive activity like watching a video or sitting quietly.

Most participants who indulged in some sort of physical activity experienced lesser desire to smoke after their work-out as compared to their craving before exercising. Although the exact reason for this reduction in craving is still unclear, researchers suggested that exercising might assist in overcoming the craving since the individual is distracted by the work-out.

By being active, their moods could be getting uplifted leaving them with no desire to smoke to get the same feeling. None of the participants were part of any other program or nicotine therapy using gums or patches to help them quit smoking.

Since treatment using nicotine therapy helps in curbing any craving to smoke, researchers felt that exercises may not be very effective on smokers who are already maintained on such therapies. 

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