Botox injections to help multiple sclerosis patients

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Botox injections to help multiple sclerosis patients

According to the latest research, botox injections can help people suffering from multiple sclerosis by providing relief from tremors in the arm. Botox, which is scientifically known as Botolinum toxin type A, has been used as a treatment against wrinkles and aging skin.

The drug is known to relax muscles in the skin by not allowing the signals from the nerves to pass to the muscles. Besides cosmetic purposes, Botox is also used as a treatment for excessive sweating, chronic migraines, spasms in the arm muscle and overactive bladder.

When the effects of the drug were tested on people experiencing tremors in the arms because of multiple sclerosis, the results obtained were positive. People who were administered the injection were able to write better.

The experiment was conducted on 23 MS patients. According to the vice president of policy research and healthcare delivery of National MS Society, Nicholas G. LaRocca, there is no proper cure for tremors triggered due to multiple sclerosis as of now.

Although, alternate therapies such as physiotherapy have provided palliative relief, effects last only for a short while. The other option is surgery, which is not considered safe and there is no guarantee of long term benefits.

LaRocca said that the study on botox is still in preliminary stages. The result, however, has been very promising. Research needs to be carried out on a larger scale and by considering more number of people from diverse backgrounds in order to confirm the effects of botox in curbing MS tremors.

There are a couple of questions which need to be addressed. Firstly, the duration through which botox injections will be effective has to be determined. Secondly, the long term effects of regular injections has to be confirmed because botox might cause further muscle relaxation and weakness in people who already have weak muscles because of the disease.

Another important concern is the cost of injections since each injection might cost up to $500.

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