Five Signs That Indicate A Heart Attack In Women

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Heart attack symptoms in women may differ from those in men.

Five Signs That Indicate A Heart Attack In Women

Symptoms of heart attack in women are different from those of men. Further, some of the symptoms are common to several health issues and so, they end up getting neglected or ignored by a lot of women. In the light of the fact that incidence of heart attacks in women are on an increase, it is important to read signals that your body sends out to you and take effective precautions.

Here are the five most important signals your body sends out warning you of an heart attack:

Heart Attack Sign 1 - Strong pain in the left side of the body

One of the major symptoms that occur nearly a fortnight or a month before the actual heart attack is pain in the left side of the body. It might begin in the chest and appears as breast pain. The pain spreads to the left arm. This pain is also unlike the breast pain caused by other factors such as tenderness in the mammary glands. You also experience the pain gradually traversing to the shoulder and back. Concentration is on the left side of the body.

Heart Attack Sign 2 - Shortness of breath

This is another common symptom that is experienced for nearly a month before actual heart attack. Breathlessness is experienced without physical exhaustion as well. Studies have shown that 42% of women experience this symptom a month ahead of the attack and 58% get breathless when they are very close to having an attack or during the actual attack.

Heart Attack Sign 3 - Weakness and fatigue

Heart Health Trivia

Heart attack is the biggest killer of women in the United States

Heart attack cases in young women has increased by 21% when compared to 1991

Unreasonable weakness and fatigue are two common signs of heart attacks which are also experienced much before the actual attack occurs. These problems can get women confused because nutritional deficiency and low blood pressure also cause fatigue and weakness. Women suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should be very careful of there is a change in the pattern of fatigue and weakness.

A survey has established that almost 70% of women who have a heart attack waiting to happen feel weak and fatigued.

Heart Attack Sign 4 - Nausea

If you have a heart attack coming up within a month, you feel nauseous very frequently without actually vomiting. However, if the heart attack is on the verge of happening, vomiting does take place. If you vomit, it is time you immediately be rushed to the doctor.

Heart Attack Sign 5 - Changes in sleep patterns

Disturbances in sleep patterns, when accompanied with more symptoms, are often a clear indication of a heart attack. If you have been suffering sleep disturbances in the past as well, notice changes in the disturbance pattern.

48% of women suffer sleep disturbances before a heart attack. Studies have asserted that more women go undiagnosed with regard to a heart attack than men, despite the most common symptoms.

So, women need to be very observant about any change in their body and provide precise information to doctors. When it comes to heart attacks, there is nothing better than being diagnosed and treated on time.

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