Dissatisfactory Sex – Understanding The Many Reasons

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Sex is a pleasure, but not for all. Read on to understand the reasons of dissatisfactory sex.

Dissatisfactory Sex – Understanding The Many Reasons

Sexual life spices up a relationship. According to a recent survey, most of the problems such as stress, incompatibility between partners and communication problems, which lead to a divorce stem from a dissatisfied sex life. The reasons behind such dissatisfaction are different for men and women. Men perceive sex as more of a physical action while for women, the process is more of an emotional journey. Read on below for some of the most common reasons for lack of physical satisfaction between couples.

Physical factors of sexual dissatisfaction in women

Sexual DissatisfactionTrivia

Australian Study of Health and Relationships revealed that 57.8 percent women suffered sexual dissatisfaction

Low self esteem and poor body image impede people from enjoying sexual satisfaction

For a woman, physical factors which contribute to sexual dissatisfaction could include any of the below given conditions.

Painful intercourse, a condition known as Dyspareunia, is the leading cause in women. A woman can experience pain at any point of intercourse, even at the time of orgasm. The pain is not confined to the internal or external vaginal regions, but can be felt in lower abdomen or pelvic region as well.

Sexual arousal disorder is the condition where a woman fails to feel arousal response to sexual acts. This often leads to another disorder known as orgasmic disorder. A woman with sexual arousal disorder has difficulty lubricating. Normal physical responses of sexual stimulus in the vagina and vaginal muscles are lacking. This prevents her from enjoying sex.

Orgasmic Disorder, prevents a woman from experiencing orgasm despite arousal

Vaginismus is a condition where outer vaginal muscles go into involuntary spasms during intercourse, thus making penetration difficult.

Physical problems in men which may leave women sexually dissatisfied

Erectile dysfunction is the most common problem in men. A man suffering from this condition cannot have or maintain erection. So, it leads to sexual dissatisfaction for both the partners.

Ejaculatory incompetence is a condition in which a man cannot ejaculate firmly inside the vagina. This happened despite arousal and erection.

Premature ejaculation is the condition in which a man ejaculates very early during intercourse and before the partners are completely aroused.

Retarded ejaculation is the condition where the semen flows back into bladder because the bladder valve does not function properly.

Apart from these sexual problems, other factors such as diabetes, hypertension, prostrate infection, injury to sexual organs, drug addiction, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, vaginal infections and cancer in reproductive organs. In addition diseases like -  arthritis, lower backache,  multiple sclerosis may also cause the problem. Further, Parkinson disease, menopausal stage,  Endometriosis , alcoholism and uterine abnormalities contribute to dissatisfaction.

Psychological factors

The most common psychological factor is stress. This is also the reason for erectile dysfunction in many men. In men, performance anxiety, which is the fear of not being able to perform well, plays the spoil sport. In women, fear of pregnancy is the major contributing factor. Apart from these, insecurity about relationships, incompatibility with partners, lack of love and compassion, preoccupation, certain kinds of religious beliefs, social stigma, depression and anxiety prevent couples from enjoying a healthy sexual relationship. Previous experience of sexual abuse is also a factor.

Treatment for sexual dissatisfaction

The treatment for this problem depends on the cause. While physical conditions can be treated with drugs, psychiatric treatment and counseling is recommended to deal with mental factors. Finally, it all comes down to the couple. If there is love and compassion, sex is always a pleasure. In its truest sense, sex is an expression of love. So, if you experience dissatisfaction, you should visit a doctor to identify the underlying problems and cure them.


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