Top 10 Screening Tests For Women

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Some screening tests women must have as they grow in age

Top 10 Screening Tests For Women

A woman’s body undergoes several changes from time to time. There is also severe stress and strain due to monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy and childbirth. Signs of these begin to show as women age and then more so during perimenopause and once menopause sets in. So here’s a list of top 10 screening tests every woman must undergo periodically to ensure good health.

  1. Mammogram: Mammogram refers to breast examination to detect internal tumors that might be malignant. Early detection can cure cancer. In the light of growing breast cancer cases all over the world, undergoing this test at least once a year after the age of forty is necessary. Periodic breast self examinations at home, too help in early detection of cancer.
  2. Bone density test: Bone density test is one of the most important, especially if you are over forty years of age. Low bone density can lead to brittle bones and osteoporosis. The test detects loss of bone tissue.

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    Breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer are the three leading cancers attacking women

    Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends routine HIV testing for all women once a year

  3. STD tests and vaginal infections: All vaginal infections are not STDs. Other infections such as those caused by yeast can also lead to symptoms similar to STD. Yearly examination of the vaginal area eliminates risk of prolonged infection.
  4. Pap smear test: Pap smear test can detect cervical cancer in early stages. This test is important for all sexually active women. The test is conducted by inserting a swab into the cervical region to collect cells for testing.
  5. Colorectal cancer tests: If you are fifty years of age, this test is very important. Women, who have a family history of colorectal cancer, must get this test done. Your doctor will suggest either colonoscopy, fecal culture or sigmoidoscopy for detecting colorectal cancer.
  6. Diabetes test: Blood and urine tests are conducted for detecting diabetes. This disease often comes down through generations. So, if there are diabetics in the family, go in for the test every alternate year.
  7. Thyroid hormone test: irregular activity of thyroid hormone is seen in many women over 50, although it is diagnosed at a much younger age as well. However, after fifty, make it a point to have a test.
  8. Blood Pressure: Ideal blood pressure is 140/90. Due to several reasons, blood pressure either shoots too high or falls below normal, both of which are undesirable. Regular blood pressure tests are therefore mandatory.
  9. Cholesterol screening: Women have more fat and cholesterol content in the body as compared to men. Since excess cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular problems, it is important to know and check your cholesterol levels from time to time.
  10. Skin checks: Full body skin test by a dermatologist is essential, especially if you are fair skinned. Skin cancer can be very aggressive and early detection can be a life saver.

Unfortunately, in the present day, owing to the high stress lifestyle, poor nutrition and lack of sufficient exercise, women are being diagnosed with several health problems much earlier in life, than before. So, do not neglect your health. Have important tests done on time and stay healthy.

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