Why Women Choose Abortions

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Reasons why an abortion becomes a woman’s necessity

Why Women Choose Abortions

Motherhood is a cherished feeling. However, there are several reasons prompting a woman to go in for an abortion and understanding them is vital.

Abortion is a very difficult decision for a woman; as it involves the process of terminating a pregnancy and is therefore, one that needs a lot of thought. There are two major factors that force a woman to abort – medical complications and personal reasons.

Statistics on abortions

Abortion Trivia

43% of women in the United States have undergone abortions at least once in their lives

60% of women who have aborted their child say that it is due to social factors

According to statistics, the incidence of abortions has increased in the present times.

  • Maximum number of women opting for abortion are below the age of 25.
  • Unmarried women, divorcees and those separated from their partners are the ones who mostly get an abortion done.
  • Economical considerations also play a major role in the decision.
  • It has been seen that more women belonging to economically backward classes choose to have abortions.

Medical reasons for abortion

  • Abortions become necessary when the mother faces threat to life due to the pregnancy.
  • An unsupportive reproductive system is a major factor.
  • Abortions are also justified in cases where the fetus develops abnormalities in growth.
  • Women suffering from inherent health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, serious cardiovascular illnesses, AIDS and even those with mental and psychological conditions might not want to go ahead with a pregnancy.

Personal reasons for abortions

  • Social stigma plays a major role in making an unwed woman decide to abort her baby.
  • Economic conditions also crucially influence this decision. If a woman feels that she is incapable of financially and emotionally supporting the child, she is likely to go in for an abortion.
  • Family planning issues and presence of other small children who demand her time and attention might make a woman choose abortion, as another baby means added responsibility.
  • An unwilling father, refusing to take the responsibility of a baby at that point of time often leads women to terminate the pregnancy.
  • Professional reasons, where the pregnancy is interfering with the a crucial phase of a woman’s career, may also tempt a woman to abort.
  • Academic reasons where a mother is studying and cannot afford a break in her education may also lead her to abort.
  • Undesired pregnancies, where the baby is conceived due to reasons such as failed contraceptives, rapes and forced conceptions; are also reasons for abortions.
  • Unstable married life is yet another reason why women choose to abort.

No matter what the reason; abortion is a major decision. In case a woman does choose to terminate her pregnancy, she needs to ensure that the medical professionals handling her case are efficient. Inefficiency in performing abortion might leave a woman unable to conceive in the future, apart from running the risk of life threatening complications as well.

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