Heal Yourself With Psychological Therapies

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Find out more about psychological therapies and the ones that may suits you

Heal Yourself With Psychological Therapies

Psychological therapies are some of the recently evolved complementary therapies that aim at restoring physiological health, via psycological health. Most psychological therapies are based on the mind-body medicine theory which proves that the thoughts of a person do affect his/her health. Below are certain modern-day complementary therapies that deal with and improve mental health.

Autogenic therapy: Developed by a German neurologist Johannes Schultz, this technique was used to promote healing for a wide range of physiological and psychological conditions. A series of six exercises are taught over a period of 8 weeks. These exercises calm the mind and decrease stress-related problems. This therapy has been used to treat stress, migraine, asthma, insomnia etc.


Contrary to the general belief that a person is sleeping during hypnosis, he is actually more awake in the trance state.

A study taken place in 1976 confirmed that 40% patients who went into trance states described new identities of themselves in their past lives.

Hypnotherapy is also being used to ease childbirth pain and other associated conditions.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy, mostly used for patients with a disturbed state of mind or undergoing mental trauma, is a technique used which involves introduction of suggestions to a calmed, hypnotic state of mind. The general belief is that the subconscious mind works actively and responds quickly to the suggestions during alpha and beta states of consciousness, which are achieved during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is best used for curing depression, anxiety, insomnia and addictions.

Neuro-linguistic programming: Developed by a psychology student, this psychological therapy deals with modifying the behaviour and language by using specific techniques. People with relationship problems and mental conditions should go for this therapy.

Emotional freedom techniques: This therapy is a combination of thought field therapy (TFT) and Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) developed by Roger Callahan. Tapping of acupuncture points on the body combined with use of affirmations that release stress and negative energy is the basis of this therapy. It is used today by many practitioners to treat stress, phobias, pain, anxiety and depression.

Past life regression: Also known as regression therapy, this technique uses deeply relaxed states of mind to travel back to early life or even past life. It is believed that when the mind is deeply relaxed, the old memories can easily be accessed and thus, any mental condition or problem arising from such memories are handled.


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