Four Best Tips to Manage an Expensive Girlfriend

on Friday, 17 February 2012. Posted in Relationships, Mental Health Written By: Shruti Gaddam

Is your girlfriend too expensive to manage?

Four Best Tips to Manage an Expensive Girlfriend

Girlfriends are great for emotional support and love. However, one with expensive tastes can burn a hole in your pocket. Learn how to deal with her in the best possible manner.

Sure, you went through umpteen ‘how-to’ guides so that you can have the most beautiful, charming and sophisticated girlfriend as your arm candy. Now that you have got your wish, your heart is content but your financial statement is probably going downhill. You are probably torn between her expensive tastes and your inability to say no to her. Read on below for four tips that will help you tone down your expenses and still ensure a smile on your girlfriend’s beautiful face.

Keep asserting her independence (in the most romantic way, of course)

Girls today take offense on being called ‘dependent’. They love the ‘independent 21st century woman’ tag. So, drill it into her that what you love most is her independence. You can keep throwing in different variations of such lines when you are on a romantic date. The romance in the air suppresses the devil’s advocate in her. She will want to prove her independence to you and pay for her things. Anyway, it does help to touch wood or keep your finger crossed when you whisper such endearments into her ear!

Understand your girlfriend

A lot of times, girlfriends do not realize that they are being overtly overbearing on you. Things such as expensive beauty treatments, jewelry and clothes that seem like luxury to you might be a requirement for her. Let her know very gently that you would love to treat her like a princess, but certain expenses are way above your head. If she is really in love with you, she will stop being so demanding. Also, it is important that you clarify things if you are looking for a long term relationship. However, if you have been lying to her about your financial status to impress her, you are in trouble. Good luck to you when you try to bring her back to reality.

Think up things that are romantic yet cost effective

Ditch romantic candle light dinners in 5 star hotels. Arrange a dinner just for the two of you on a secluded beach or your own terrace. Spice up things with balloons and flowers. Cook for her. It really does not matter that you know nothing about cooking. In fact, it adds to the charm. Girlfriends are funny creatures. They love it because it shows that you went out of your way to do something that is just not your cup of tea; just for her. Saves money and adds romance.

Plan your date before she does

Expensive girlfriends will always think of things that involve expense. So, if you have scheduled a date, plan cute little romantic things that she cannot refuse. A long drive, a just-for-two picnic, tennis match or biking can be great substitutes for expensive shopping sprees. You can throw in a word regarding how a high calorie meal can ruin her awesome body. Swimming, tennis and biking are better.

It is not tough to deal with an expensive girlfriend. Just be smart and be smart on time!

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