Drugs – Use, Abuse and Addiction

on Thursday, 16 August 2012. Posted in Addiction, Mental Health Written By: Archana Mahendra

If not stopped at the right time, frequent drug use turns to abuse and not before long, into addiction.

 Drugs – Use, Abuse and Addiction

Drugs are chemical substances that affect the normal body mechanism on consumption. While medicines, alcohol and cigarettes are some examples of legally available drugs; cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and heroine represent illegal drugs.

Generally people take to drugs for ‘a change’. Some of the most common reasons given for resorting to drugs by people are:

Drug Abuse Trivia

Drug abuse affects over 7% of people.

More than 2.6% of people suffer from drug addiction at some time in their life.

Inhalants like household cleaners are some of the most commonly abused substances. 

  • For fun
  • For thrill
  • For relaxation
  • Out of sheer curiosity
  • To match up with others in the social circle
  • To cope with stress
  • To escape from reality

No matter what the reason, if taken very frequently, slowly but surely, drug consumption very soon becomes a drug problem.

Drug Abuse

When a person resorts to excessive use of legal drugs or continuous use of illegal drugs for intoxication or mood -upliftment, it is considered as a case of drug abuse or substance abuse. Easily available OTC medicines are one of the most abused drugs across the globe.

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is a brain disease where-in prolonged and excessive use of a drug negatively affects a person’s brain and hence his behavioral pattern. A drug addict is known to follow a routine pattern of drug consumption and consequently becomes extremely dependent on its use, despite being aware of its harmful consequences. Such a person ends up in a condition where he/she continuously experiences uncontrollable drug craving and gradually ends up consuming more and more drugs in order to get a desired effect.

The odd behavior of a drug addict hampers his ability of leading a normal life and therefore leads to complications in his personal and official relationships.

Factors that can trigger drug addiction

Not everyone who is into drugs becomes an addict, yet however there are several factors that could lead to drug addiction. These include:

People who begin taking drugs at an early age (e.g.: teenagers), are more likely to become addicted to them later in life.

A person belonging to a family with a history in addiction is four times more likely to become addicted as compared to others.

People suffering from mental disorders like depression and anxiety are more vulnerable to addiction.

A person who’s had a traumatic childhood (neglect or sexual abuse) is susceptible to addiction. Addiction to drugs is one of the fastest ways of self destruction; and this grave disease can very simply be prevented by just not abusing drugs.


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