10 Simple Ways to Get the Better of Stress

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Emotions management, Editor's Pick, Mental Health Written By: Shruti Gaddam

Want to know about some instant stress busting techniques? Read on.

10 Simple Ways to Get the Better of Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. While techniques such as a soothing massage and spa treatments are extremely relieving, you cannot indulge in such luxuries every day. So, how do you manage everyday stress?

Read on for 10 simple yet very effective stress busting techniques.

  1. Spend some time in silence : Shut off your computer, television, radio, music player and cell phone and lock yourself up in a silent place. Spend 10 minutes listening to the silence and taking in deep breaths. You will feel better immediately.
  2. Drink vitamin C rich fruit juices: Vitamin C is a great stress buster. So, when you feel stressed out, ditch the coffee and alcohol and sip some refreshing low sugar fruit juices.
  3. Do not read the newspapers early in the morning:Newspapers contain more bad news than good and absorbing bad news in the morning sets a negative tone for the day. You feel more stressed out. So, avoid the newspaper in the morning.

    De-Stressing Trivia

    Smell from chemicals released from freshly mown grass reduces stress levels. So, wear your ear plugs and mow your lawn.

    Spending all your time indoors can aggravate stress. Step out and spend some time in natural surroundings like a green park for immediate stress relief.

  4. Cry out loud: Crying is not weakness. It opens your chest, frees the muscular tension in your heart that builds up due to tension and your stress flows out with the tears. Relaxing hormones are released in the brain. A ten minute crying session is extremely stress-relieving and cleansing.
  5. Laugh out loud: Laughing encourages the release of happy hormones in the brain, which beat stress. Laughing encourages blood flow and improves oxygen circulation, thereby reducing tension in the mind and body.
  6. Sing a happy song: Singing is a great outlet for stress. Every person has his or her own preference of music. So, whatever is the genre of music you are into, sing out loud. Choose a happy song so that the lyrics can cool you down. Singing is good for the heart too.
  7. Vent your stress by cooking: Cooking is considered to be very therapeutic. It is soothing on taut nerves and stressed out mind. Further, the aromas that emanate from the dish during preparation have a great relaxing effect.
  8. Pet your pet: Petting your pet cat or dog releases hormones in your brain that reduce stress by bringing on the feel-good effect. Sharing a few loving moments with your pet can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  9. Breathe in therapeutic aromas: There are several essential oils that have soothing effects, the best of them being lemon essential oil, rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, vetiver essential oil and bergamot essential oil. Just put a drop of them on your handkerchief and sniff at it when you feel stressed out.
  10. Clean your home: Clutter aggravates stress and neat surroundings have a very calming and soothing effect. So, take some time out and keep your home and office clean.

Indulge in some of these activities and beat stress every day. Of course, a weekend aromatherapy body massage can be the cherry on the cake!


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