Erectile Dysfunction- Know More About It

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Know the symptoms, causes and treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction- Know More About It

In many cases, erectile dysfunction becomes a cause of emotional stress and embarrassment, leading to depression. However, men should know that the problem is curable in most cases. So, do not hesitate to consult a doctor about it.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem, these are:

Erectile Dysfunction Trivia

Around 30 million men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction

Bicycling might cause ED since the saddle might injure the nerves and blood vessels in the reproductive area

  • Basically, erectile dysfunction occurs when the penis does not receive good blood flow. Poor blood circulation can be caused due to various inherent diseases such as diabetes, hemachromatosis, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure and scleroderma to name a few.
  • In addition, use of medications, severe stress, injury to the penis, depression and anxiety also contribute to lack of unsatisfactory erection.
  • Diseases of the brain and central nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke and Guillain-Barre syndrome drastically impact sexual function.
  • Hormonal imbalance, as inadequate levels of testosterone or irregular functioning of thyroid gland leads to problems with sexual performance.
  • Lack of proper nutrition and physical weakness are also potential causes of this dysfunction.
  • Besides these factors, smoking, substance abuse, alcoholism and obesity take a toll on the health of a man and cause hindrance in sexual function.
  • Aging is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, if a man experiences problems with his erection owing to any of these factors even once, he develops a syndrome known as “performance anxiety”. This refers to the excess stress, embarrassment and fear at the thought of intercourse. So, even if he does not have a genuine problem, he fails to maintain erection owing to the syndrome.

Forms of erectile dysfunction:

There are three forms of erectile dysfunction, which are broadly categorized as follows:

  • Impotence: the condition when the mind experiences sexual arousal but the sexual organ fails to respond.Impotence does not cause any erection at all. Poor libido might lead to semi-erect but soft penis.
  • Poor libido: the condition when a man does not experience sufficient arousal to attain full erection.
  • Abnormal ejaculation: this can happen in many ways. A man might fail to ejaculate even after prolonged intercourse, experience premature ejaculation or produce very small amounts of semen.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction:

The first step in treatment of erectile dysfunction is determining the cause. This is done through physical tests. The doctor also asks a number of questions regarding lifestyle, habits, stress level and previous history of injuries. The treatment depends on the cause and might include a combination of counseling sessions and medication.

Lifestyle changes

  • Besides medical treatment, men need to have a robust diet that is rich in vital nutrients so that their general health improves.
  • Regular exercise improves circulation and increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. Doctors might recommend special exercises to increase blood flow to penis. With time, the problem should be cured in most cases.
  • Meditation, remaining stress free and avoiding tension build up goes a long way in aiding treatment of erectile dysfunction.


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