Top 10 Fertility Enhancing Diet Changes For Dads-To-Be

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Boost your chances with these top fertility foods!

Top 10 Fertility Enhancing Diet Changes For Dads-To-Be

Thinking of having a baby? Try these fertility enhancing diet alterations for men and improve the chances of conception.

Thinking of having a baby? Try these fertility enhancing diet alterations for men and improve the chances of conception.

The most important thing directly affecting your ability to father a child is your diet. Men aiming at fatherhood need a quick diet check to identify poor eating habits if any. For, faulty eating habits affect sperm quality and decrease the chances of conception.

While many may not realize, yet, men visiting infertility clinics for treatment, largely have improper and imbalanced eating habits to blame. Therefore, men need to know what foods to eat and dietary habits to follow in order to enhance their chances to have a baby.

Here are the Top Ten dietary facts that ‘would-be-dads’ need to keep in mind:

Men’s Infertility Trivia:

Out of the many infertility cases, 35 to 40 percent come from men.

Dads who drink alcohol on a daily basis during conception have babies weighing 6.5 ounces below average baby weight; something that affects their mental and physical growth in future.

Men need to consume zinc rich food sources every day as the human body cannot store zinc. It needs to be replenished.

Being overweight as well as underweight affects fertility in men.

Over exercising also affects fertility

# 1 Having a balanced diet is essential for sperm health:

Having a balanced diet, rich in all the key nutrients is as important for you, as it is for your partner. It is very important to know your nutrients well, indulge in meal planning and focus on eating a varied nutritious diet. Following a food pyramid consistently is always a safer bet.

# 2 Vitamin C boosts sperm motility:

Vitamin C is not only good for sperm health; it also improves its mobility and prevents sperm disorders. Dads-to-be need at least 90-125mg of Vit-C in their diet every day. A glass of orange juice, lemon juice or a full orange fruit may suffice.

# 3 Zinc affects Testosterone levels:

Zinc is an essential mineral found in many food items we consume. It affects the Testosterone levels in men and its deficiency may not only reduce them but also cause the semen volume to go down. Men need 11mg of zinc on a daily basis. Good sources are: oysters, crabs, lobsters, pork, meat chicken, baked beans and cereal fortified with zinc.

# 4 Folic acid deficiency affects sperm count:

Sufficient folic acid intake is as important for men as it is for women. When planning a baby get in touch with your doctor and discuss the folic acid supplement intake, because deficiency of folic acid affects sperm count and therefore, your chances of conception as well. Men need at least 400mg of it every day. Good food sources are: green leafy vegetables, legumes, fortified breakfast cereal, spinach, beef liver etc.

# 5 Alcohol negatively affects fertility in men:

Men, who drink alcohol on a daily basis, negatively affect their testosterone levels and sperm count thus reducing their fertility. Alcohol also causes sperm abnormalities, affecting chances of a successful pregnancy.

# 6 Smoking cigarettes or marijuana affects sperm motility:

Research shows that people who smoke cigarettes have sluggish sperms and thus, a compromised fertility. Therefore, stubbing that cigarette is the best option before you start planning a baby.

# 7 Sufficient calcium positively affects sperm health:

Men need 1000 mg of calcium every day. According to recent research calcium helps maintain good sperm health in men. Good food sources of calcium are- milk, cheese, yogurt, etc

# 8 Vit-D intake enhances fertility:

Vitamin-D helps in good maintaining good sperm health. Men need 10 micrograms of Vit-D every day. Good sources are: salmon, milk and ample sunlight.

# 9 Steroids may cause testicular shrinkage:

As per studies men taking steroids either as performance enhancers or as part of medication often face testicular shrinkage resulting in low sperm count.

# 10 Certain Antibiotics affect fertility:

When planning a pregnancy all fathers to be need to check and enquire about any medication they are taking from their doctors. Certain antibiotics have been known to cause negative effect on fertility.

If you thought being fertile and related issues are only a woman’s area of worries, you need to think again. While worrying won’t fetch you anything; working on ways to enhance your fertility and avoiding things that might decrease your sperm’s potency sounds a much more balanced and responsible approach, especially when you’ve decided to have a baby.

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