Increase Your Sperm Count With Exercise

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Bothered about low sperm count? Regular exercise is the solution

Increase Your Sperm Count With Exercise

Exercise offers comprehensive benefits for the body, mind and soul. When you workout, your general health improves, as a result of which various fitness problems are solved. Problems such as low sperm count can also be effectively remedied with regular workout. However, there are certain things that you need to know before you embark on a fitness regime to increase sperm count. Read on for certain truths, tips and remedies.

Factors that cause a reduction in sperm count

Despite advancements in medical science, the reasons for low sperm count are not precisely known. Some of the known factors are severe stress and trauma, inherent illness, birth defects and heavy use of narcotics such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Obesity is another major factor that can affect fertility in a man. More obese a person, higher is the likelihood of reduced sperms. In this case, due to increased fat and toxicity in the body, sperm health is affected as well. Most of these factors restrict optimal flow of blood to the testicles, which results in low ***sperm count***.

How exercise helps improve sperm count

Sperm Health Trivia

Tobacco use in whatever form, be it smoking, chewing or snuffing is one of the leading causes of low sperm count.

Consuming whole grained foods, high fiber foods, bananas, almonds, apricots, avocados and green leafy vegetables are known to increase sperm count.

Sperm count is highest early in the morning.

Exercises improves circulation: So, sperm count can be increased when there is healthy flow of blood and nutrients to the testicles. A good exercise regime helps by bringing an increase in your heartbeat owing to which your ***metabolic rate*** and blood circulation improve. Your lungs work with better efficiency and pump out well purified oxygen. Healthy blood and oxygen supply in the body effectively detoxifies the body and improves health. As a result, the flow of ***oxygenated blood*** to the ***testicles*** increases and the organ works optimally. Healthy testicles produce healthy sperm count.

Exercise busts stress: Exercise encourages the secretion of two important hormones - ***endorphins*** and ***serotonin***. Endorphins are known as the happy hormones of the body and help in elevating moods; thus, acting as effective stress busters. Serotonin, on the other hand, regulates moods and promotes sleep. This helps you fight stress better. When your mind is calm and stress levels are low, body functions optimally and the sperm count improves.

Other benefits for sperm health: Exercise provides a number of other benefits. With regard to increase in sperm count, exercise boosts the secretion of ***testosterone***, which is a crucial hormone for sperm production. Exercise helps improve sperm count by enhancing physical strength and endurance power.

Some tips while choosing your exercise

When you work out with an intention of increasing sperm count, remember the following:

  • Low intensity exercises are the best. Stick to low intensity exercises that build core strength, cardiovascular function and endurance.
  • Yoga is highly recommended in this regard.
  • It has been found that extreme high intensity exercises when performed continuously can result in a decreased sperm count because of the frictional heat produced when testicles rub against each other during such exercises.

Low sperm count can be emotionally harrowing. However, with proper exercises and nutritious diet, you can effectively overcome the problem.

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